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Bob Peoples Technique on Deadlift


I know the back should be as flat ad possible during deadlifts. But i have read some articles about bob Peoples’ Technique. He is built like me, Long legs and arms and Short torso. I keep my shins verticals, i sit back and keep my hips High i keep my lats and upper back tight, Flex my lower back as much as possible, but i cant Just get rid of my buttwink. I stretch my hamstrings and stay tight and brace during the lift. But my lower back is rounded even before the pull.
I could switch to sumo but i would like to try Strongman in the future and only conventional is allowed.
I noticed many strongmen pull rounded especially in the lower back.
Is not like a scared cat pull but still my lower back cant Just stay flat
Is this going to be the end of my relationship with conventional?
Ill try to post a pic these days when ill be at the gym


I pull like Konstantinovs.


The article says pulling with a rounded upper back is ok but not with lower back. My upper back is tight and straight my lats are firing during the lift.
Konstantinovs pull also with rounded upper back but his lower back looks Just fine


Maybe you’re too close to the bar, or your shins are too vertical.

Maybe you have to get your feet, or even just your heels closer together.

Peoples did tons of work to make his back strong. Have been doing years of partial deadlifts?


Some people can get away with round back deadlifting, most can’t. The only way to find out is to keep doing it until you injure yourself.

Strongman usually involves atlas stones, which you can’t lift without rounding your back. For those who can’t tolerate loaded spinal flexion, strongman is not a good choice.

What does this have to do with Bob Peoples?


Because bob peoples had my same Technique and body type and Just wondering if that worked out for him then i Guess It could also work for me


My feet are shoulder width slightly turned out. I tried with Wide stance conventional and Wide grip, didnt change a bit. Only with sumo i can jeep my back completely flat


Yeah, but the article also states that if you do round your lumbar spine, (i) it should stay in that flexed position during the lift (that is, shouldn’t round more), and (ii) it should not be at the end of your range of motion.

I wouldn’t take the article as the definitive source on the topic, just food for thought. FWIW, my coach has no issues with upper back rounding as long as I stay tight (core, lats), though a few trainers under him have tried to get me to textbook spine-neutral.


Do you also empty your lungs completely before bracing and pulling? That’s what he did.


That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


I sure wouldn’t try to lift like that.

Vince Anello is another person who lifted with a very rounded back and there’s actually video footage of him.

The way I think of it, these are people who kept doing it and happened to win the genetic lottery and not totally mess themselves up. For every person that can deadlift heavy and hard like this their whole life, there’s probably 10, 20, 50, who knows how many people that just hurt themselves.


Low bar squats, the trap bar, defecit deads, the power rack?

Dude was crazy, but innovative.


Get lower if your back is rounding, I tell most people get your ass down more it lets you straighten your back and pull from a more upright position putting less shear stress. In addition most people cannot recruit their glutes correctly in order to flex that ass out and keep that lower back straight. Once your body gets stronger youll be able to pull more in other ways but for now get your ass down more and straighten that spine out and go from there. Youll end up feeling like your squatting the weight more but like I said, a good place to start continue to get stronger and work your form and see where that takes you.


+1 Long Live Konstantinovs!!