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Boardwalk Empire


Anyone here watch this show?

I am excited it is coming back. Which means more violence and nudity.


It's allright. Can't take Buscemi seriously though, kind of ruins the whole thing.


Dude he is a great actor man. Not as good looking as you or I though.

BTW where are the pics bro! WTF


maybe by his newer movies, but the older ones are good as shit.


I agree...In Boardwalk he is a fucking bad ass though.


How come when I read your posts I feel like you are yelling?


I am not yelling dude.


Hahahahahaha, and with very hyper-active hand gestures and mannerisms too.

I get the same feeling.

"Too much smoke, have another toke..... and a blow for your nose"

name that song!


"That Smell", Lynyrd Skynyrd.


I like the show, don't like Buscemi in the role, looks too Italian to pull off being an Irish (?) mobster. The rest if the cast is pretty good and I liked season 1.