Boardgame Geeks

Anybody else in this club? I love board games - from big group party games to strategic German gaming.

Some of my favorites include:

Group party games: Taboo, Outburst, Ultimate Outburst, Cranium

Strategy games: Settlers of Catan (w/ Cities and Knights Expansion), Puerto Rico (my new favorite) and Carcasonne

Anybody else care to share about favorites, bad choices or other suggestions.

Good topic.

Taboo is good. I also like Babble-On, though the name may be different now. I’m not sure.

An old “strategy” game that I played a long time ago was Diplomacy. An extremely simple game to play, but very fun, because it was all about making alliances and then backstabbing people. I’m not sure what that says about me.

I’m big on games as well. And I’m good at them.

Card games: Hold’em Poker, Stud games, Spades, & Hearts

Other games: Stratego, Memory, Monopoly, Scattegories, Taboo, Yahtzee!, Clue, any group game.

I just got into a weekly poker game with my brother and his friends.

Just like to add that if you’ve never heard of these games and are interested in checking them out, click over to

risk!!! Global domination and subversion of mankind appeals to me. hehe

oh yeah… taboo ranks number one for a huge group of people. especially when it’s guys vs girls. The damn girls keep winning though. It might have something to do with their esp.

Chess is good and so is checkers.

But the number one game for my is Mah Jong. Once you’ve figured out how to play, it’s more addicting than crack. Not that I would know anything about crack. Seriously.

If you like Risk, then I can almost guarantee that you’d like a game like Settlers of Catan - it’s like Risk on steroids.

Strip outburst or strip pictionary…

I like playing cards a bit more than the regular board games.
Euker, Poker, Spades, Hearts, Pinochle, Phase 10…

Wait, I meant Strip Phase 10…


Axis and Allies was a pretty cool game. I have no idea if it’s still around.

Man Kala is pretty cool

500 for card games

first i just have to say great thread!
for group games battle of the sexes is great, scattegories, pictionary and what is that one game called that you act out what it says, that can become hilarious real quick…
others would be card games like uno, phase 10 and board games would be connect 4, life, battle ship, checkers, risk, trouble… those are most of them. the others i can’t think of right now. one game i can’t stand is monopoly…i have NEVER EVER one that stupid game in my life!! GRRRRRR

board Games - Life, Clue, Sorry, Parcheesi

Group Games - Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, Pictionary

Other Games - Twister, Chess, Master Mind

AXIS AND ALLIES! The first time I played, I was Germany. I spoke in a German accent and threatened beat down anyone who dared defy Der Fuhrer’s authority. I goose stepped to the fridge and the bathroom. I even threatened to burn my hosts books and erect concertina wire around the apartment. Before you accuse me of making jokes in poor taste, understand that I was also EXTREMELY drunk at the time.

They tell me that I won.

Battle of the Sexes is definitely fun, but my biggest beef with it is that the rules are very unclear and the game seems very biased towards favoring men.

For a real geek game, anyone played mafia with playing cards?

Cranium’s a good drinkin’ game.

Does Naked Twister count? Tri-bond, Crainum, oh yeah Risk and a pot of coffee for an all night Battle.

Scrabble is my favorite, having a good vocabulary is right up there in importance with a good physique, and a game that makes learning words fun is cool by me.

Should there be a body building game? Testosterone the Game?

hhhmmm, not really a classical “board game”, but its a chess set where all the pieces are various sized shot glasses!! Man, its made for some fun times, especially when by game 4 you are convinced that your bishop should be able to move like a knight.

Pictionary, Scatergories, Trivial Pursuit and Balderdash are classics…and Monopoly is good is you have some friends you want to get rid of.