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Board Presses


Do those board presses really work? And what do they work? Is it the triceps and chest?


They sure do. Mainly work the triceps. You should do them medium grip (pinky on ring) for maximum tricep strength and carryover.


can you use safty bars like im using a board? its easier on my chest. i would put the safety bars about the same hight as i would with a board.


The main difference is that with board presses on a bench, you start with your arms extended (top position). When doing them with safety bars, you're usually starting in the bottom position.


When I use the bars ("pin presses"), I start in tne exact same position, with the bar racked above my head. The bars don't change that. They simple change how the bar is caught at the bottom of the move.


It's been said here before and if I remember it correctly...no it's not the same as pin presses simply because the movement of the lift. In pin presses, u go down on a fixed railing so there are no work except going down. And board press, you needs to balance it in every coordinates.



Yeah, the main difference in boards vs. pins is that with boards the energy of the bar transfers through the boards and into your body. You feel the weight of the bar on your chest just like with a full ROM bench press. I hit boards twice a week with different numbers of boards. My bench has went up considerably and my tris have gotten swole.