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Board Presses


What indicators in your training would prompt you to use Board Presses to bring up your bench?


my limited experience with board presses was when i was working on that mid-point just below parallel. That point where doing floor presses just stops at.

but i will let others with more experience chime in.


Anytime you have a distinct sticking point or to practice handling heavier weights.


It isn't to be used on sticking points at you chest though however correct? It's more to develop power at the lockout?




starting next week using them to help build my triceps while practicing my lockout power. I have a meet in DEC but for the next 4 weeks will be limiting all my lifts due to a Military run pushup test I need to get ready for (hahah that an weigh in). I'll be suing a 3 board and a 2 board once a week save my shoulder for DEC.


I use boards because my shoulders get beat to hell taking the bar to my chest every week. I mainly use 1 and 2 boards and it takes a load off of my shoulders. I also occasionally use a 4 board for my lockout work.


correct.. board presses are a stable in geared lifter's routines - if you plan on competing raw or not competing at all they aren't nearly as useful


It's unusual to see good advice being given online in relation to board presses!! Everyone just seems to parrot what they see on Elite or Westside about board presses being key, when in reality, if you're missing off your chest they're not much use at all.


I agree with this statement as well and would like to add that I think 1,2 and maybe 3 Board presses for RAW benchers still have merits. They allow the lifter to handle heavier weights than they can get off their chest. In doing so the lifter builds confidence in his abilities to press. The TRI's get stronger as as the prime movers in a bench press this will undoubtedly build the bench assuming the lifter NOT neglect off the chest work. The "sticking point" everyone refers to are the transitional areas of a bench. Speed training will help reduce the time spent in these transitional areas. Like someone said above the limited movement helped ease the shoulder strain of going to the chest all the time
A great excercise for RAW benchers is a MANPON press. It's basically a foam board press. The movement is very much like a 2 board press only the bar sinks into the foam making the lifter push out of it. You can get a foam roller, cut it in half or I have found some blue YOGA blocks at Wal-Mart to use. They are about 3" thick and I just stick them in my t-shirt and bench like normal. I have made great gains this way.


haha agree.. that damn SAID principle gets ya every time..


I have actually done that exact same thing before haha. I didn't get too much out of it though (raw). I will use it when doing a close-grip press though from time to time.


Everyone is being very helpful and I appreciate all the info everyone has provided.

In order to impliment their use properly though would I start at 3 boards working my way down to one. Also, as another transitional technique would it make sense to then add foam presses before finally attempting a higher max lift.

Just wondering if that would be a way of implimenting it in order to increase a bench.


Sure. Try to keep the same weight as you drop boards. Good luck keep us posted on the results.