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Board Presses Training Alone

In response to a suggestion in another thread (bench shirt), I was just wondering what those of you who train mostly alone do for board presses?

I really need to bring up my tris and will also be learning to use a shirt soon.

I’ve been using the rack and setting the safety bars at appropriate heights. It’s different because you start from a dead stop with no tension (kind of like a floor press), thus you cannot lift as much, but you do learn to develop some explosiveness which can’t be a bad thing.

Well if you are raw pressing you can just stick it under a looser t-shirt or sweatshirt and it will stay in place. If you’re in gear, I’ve seen people use a mini-band around the board and themself to hold it.

I used a bungee cord to tie it around my chest.

For me the boards just balance on my chest. The wider they are (I think mine are 8 inches) the better they balance so no help needed.

Throw them under neath your shirt, if you bench in a power rack just set the pins so you can role the bar off the boards and not die.

OMG, how did I never think of that on my own?


[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
I used a bungee cord to tie it around my chest.[/quote]


Bungee cord/band around the chest, knee wrap tied around the chest, two wrist wraps velcroed around the chest, under your t-shirt.

Mini-bands for me, even when using a foam roller rather than boards. Otherwise the boards end up on my chin.