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Board Presses - Looking for a Half Board

My buddy and I are looking to do a better stairstep effect in board presses. So we are going to implement 1/2 boards. The half board though would more than likely be very fragile so we are thinking about using a rubber mat or some old tire rubber.
Anyone else utilize 1/2 boards on board days. If so, how has it helped out.

Ive never heard of a 1/2 board.

I think most people whoe use boards use up to 5 boards at 1.5,3,4.5,6, and 7.5 inches. Why do u want to add more boards?

I dont think hes using more boards biggun, I think hes actually using half a board.

Just use a folded up towel.

Just inhale and puff out your chest and you’ll get a half board…

I’ve used a half board when breaking in a new shirt. Works pretty well.

[quote]RenaissanceMan wrote:
Just inhale and puff out your chest and you’ll get a half board…[/quote]

If he’s not already doing that then 1/2 board-presses should be way down his list of priorities…

Rubber mat.

I understand the concept of 1/2 board and what to use. I was curious about others’ experiences with it. Sorry if I did not make myself clear at first.

Half board works fine, wood will work, rubber matting or plastic.

An alternative that the Supertraining Gym guys do is a folded piece of carpet. Cuts the ROM just a little and gives no rebound.