Board Press in Power rack

Hey all: for those that are familiar with Westside, I want to perform the board press on ME Bench day but would like to do it in a power rack. Wouldn’t setting up the safety pins equal to the level were two 2x4 boards would be equivalent to benching with the boards on your chest? I train solo so it would be easier for me this way, not mention a bit safer. Thanks for any input.

The pin press is a totally different movement than the board press. With a board press the weight is transferred into the body the same way a regular bench press is. The pin press, the weight is transferred into the rack. Both are good movements but are not close to being the same.

rack lock outs are different than board presses though they will both help build the tricep. Nothing wrong with doing them, but the groove is different. I think its harder to start and stop in your groove using the rack lockouts. its easier for me to control the bar using board presses. There are other differences as well such as load transfer and jarring of the weights.

Thanks for the help guys.

i can solve that problem easily. Get your boards and take a miniband and double it up and put it around your chest. Lift the band up and put the board under there. It wont move.

good idea goldburg, ive never tried that. i think i’ll try it cause board presses are the best.if it doesn’t work, “tyler” get some of the gym staff to help you that’s what they get paid for. of course resist the urge to get the 90 lbs. cardio queen to spot ya. lol!

Good idea Goldberg, Im going to give it a shot. Thanks again.