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Board Press and Speed Bench in Same Workout?

My goal is to improve my max bench press. Recently I have started incorporating board pressing. I am starting with a 3 board, then will move to a 2 board the following week (or two), and then a 1 board the following week (or two). I board press with a pause and try to work on explosive power.

Recently, I’ve also started incorporating speed benching. Last week I did them on my volume day (usually high reps, lighter weight). Today I did them on my intensity day (usually low reps, heavier weight). I only board press on intensity days. I’m starting to question whether I should do speed benching on my volume day or intensity day. Technically it is low reps and the intensity is high. But it could also be considered high volume because of the 30 second rest and 8-10 sets. Am I over thinking this? Maybe it doesn’t matter?

I would do them on your volume day. Speed is better developed when you are fully rested and can actually move the bar as fast as possible. If you do speed work after heavy work or rep work you won’t be able to move the bar as explosively. I’d say do your speed sets then hit some extra volume or some type of variation afterwards. My bench days look like this:

Speed Day:
Speed Bench
Heavy Dumbbell Work
Assistance work

Max-effort day:
Max out on a bench variation (board press, floor press, etc)
Work up to a top set of 6 on a different bench variation (close-grip, wide-grip, etc)
Assistance work

So I’m getting extra volume on both days, but one day the main work is for max strength and one day it is for explosive strength. I’d recommend something similar.

I would go at least 2 weeks on same board maybe three if offseason. Are you powerlifting or power bodybuilding?