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Bo Jackson!


God, I wish he never got hurt :-\


He was a beast!


That makes two of us! He was amazing to watch on the football field. Not sure there will ever be anyone like him again.


Did anyone catch him on Pros Vs. Joes? I missed it.



Damn, some of those runs look like they came from Tecmo Bowl. Others look like HS football when you could run over anyone. I think his injury was probably one of the top 10 tragedies for pro sports fans, right up there with Roberto Clemente's death and Tyson's rape conviction.

PGA, do you live on youtube 24/7? You're clutch with the new clips every day.


what's crazy is he's said that he never really weight trained either.

talk about bo-onic man


He was in fact the real deal. Plus I heard he never even lifted weights. Imagine a guy like that today with a team behind him, training him and such. It would be insane!


I saw him on there, but missed him in his event. I just saw him shooting claybirds, which wasn't exactly the athletic showdown I was hoping for.

I did, however, see the one with Herschel Walker running people over. Quite humorous...


He did a homerun derby...pretty much destroyed everyone else. I think he got around 10 (not sure though), and the joes averaged 1. He had also mentioned that he hadn't swung a bat in a couple years. He's definitely still a beast.


I remember watching the game when he got hurt. I am still bummed he is not on the Raiders. He was an amazing athlete.


I honestly believe that Bo Jackson is the greatest natural athlete ever put on earth. I also heard [read?] that when he was coming out of highschool had he focused on it, he would've qualified for the 100m in the olympics.


His best 40 time in college was a 4.2. At 225 lbs. He was only caught from behind twice in his life, the first was in college against Texas by a world class sprinter / db. That separated his shoulder and caused him to miss most of his junior season and a potential heisman as a junior. The second was the career ender.

I agree with the greatest natural athlete ever born.


I felt cheated as a football fan when he got hurt. Didn't really care for his baseball career. I'm a lifelong Seahawk fan and when he ran wild on us on monday night all over Bosworth. It was something special.


wow, great vid almost brought a tear to my eye.... I bet Art Shell wishes Bo Jackson was on the Raiders this year (I know I do)

side note: Do you ever wish you were talented enough to talk in the third person? I wish


Cheated football fan? Sheeit, I was seriously distraught when the White Sox lost him from a crappy injury resultant from a crappy sport.