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Alright, alright. I’m sure im just asking for trouble, first actual post, but been trolling around for about 3 months now. So, just basically seeing what everyone has to say about what im doing, tell me im dumb, and weak, and should go die a miserable fat boy death.

Little back story, worked out a good amount in highschool, first 2 years of college, then started drinking, quit lifting. Graduated, got a job, a house, and a wife, I’m 24 now, and was pushing 200lbs… at 5’10, not much muscle.(actually only got to 195lbs before I did something about it, at 20 was at 175). So about 3 months ago decided to get my ass in gear, and slowly evolved my efforts after reading many many articles here while at work. So below i’ll give ya what i’ve been up to, and how its worked, thought about leaving a few things off for the sake of not being laughed off the forums, but what the hell, its what i did(am doing) so flame away.

3 Months ago (yes there are pics, see what type of response i get before adding more imbarisment to this post)

5’10" 195lbs 24Years Old (also have all measurements)

-At this point wifey talked me into doing her Turbo Jam diet, which is one of those aerobic class type things, i know i know, im a girly man whatever, atlease it got me moving and started again. was a 11 Day diet don’t know specifics just ate what the wife put infront of me, and worked out everyday.

-lost 10lbs down to 185… lost like an inch or 2 from my waist, and some from legs and such. (then decided to start working in gym again since then went down another 5lbs to 180 got a little definition now.

Currently: 180lbs 5’10" 24years old…(weight only diff:)

Current Workout:

Monday: Turbo Sculpt (yes part of that video series. But its light weight full body work outs, lots of arm raises, and DB squats. Started with 5lb Dumbbells, now on 10lb. Lots of sweating, so feels like a good workout.)

Tuesday: Chest, Biceps/Triceps, and Back
-Benchpress: 5x8 (mostly) 1st two and last two at 96lbs, middle at 135.

-Deadlift: 3X6 @ 115 (adding 5lb per set end at 125)

  • Chin-ups: 3X8 (currently at 20lb on assist, started at 60)

  • Rows: 3x12 @ 100lbs

  • Straight Arm, and Close Grip Tricep Pulldowns: 2x15 each.

  • Machine Flys: 3X10 @ 115lbs

  • Bumbbell Curls: 2xFailure on machine

Weds: Trubo Sculpt again, about to start trying that Tabata stuff maybe tonight.

Thursday: Shoulders, Triceps, Legs

-Dips: 3 x 10 @ 20lb assist (started at 60)

-DB Seated Press: 3x8 & 35lbs

-Shoulder Press: 3x10 @ 135lbs

-10lb Arm Raises: 3x8 (Raise arms to side, move front, then overhead, back down reverse though same movements = 1)

-Barbell Squats: 4x8 @ 135

-Leg Press: 3x12 @ 120

-Calf Raises: 4X20

Friday: Turbo Sculpt

Saturday: Arms

  • DB Curls: 3x15 @ 35lbs

  • Tricep Pulldown: 3x15 @ 40lbs +5lb each time

  • Tricep Machine: 2x Failure

  • Curl Machine: 2x failure

  • Forearm Curls: 3X20 @ 35lb (1 hand at a time (bad wrist on left arm)

Sunday: Rest (cut the grass does that count?)


As of this Week i’m starting some supplements i’m taking Flameout 1 pill 3x a day, and HOT-ROX Extreme 1 pill 2x a day. I always have been drinking whey protein after each workout, but thats only time I do.

As for Diet:

Also this week started a food journal to see how im doing, kinda have a busy scheldule so havent been able to cook or prepare the food I know I should be having. But hopefully I can change that soon, but try to keep within the Good, or Okay foods most the time. . . now anyways. Here is food journal so far.

at 5’10" 185 Lbs and 24 years old. I figured my BMR to 1944.35cal.

BMR= 66+ (6.23x185) + (12.7x70) - (6.8x24) = 1944.35

So I decided i was moderatly active and calculated my DEE:

DEE = BMRx1.6 = 3111cal

CT said that to lose fat, and maintain muscle should aim at 10-20% below that, so my target cal intake is:

15% of 3111cal = [2645cal target cal]

also going for 225g of protein, but not sure how to get there.

Monday: cal and protein guesstimated from
-Breakfast: None (i know i know bad thing)
-Lunch: NY Strip Steak (350cal) (70g Protein)
-Snack: an apple (80cal) (7.5g)
-Dinner: Taco Bell: Mexican Pizza (540cal) (20g)
2 Soft Taco (520cal) (22g)
-Drink: Water all day
Pepsi 32oz. (400cal)

totals: 2525calories, and 113g Protien

-Breakfast: Hardees: Side Eggs (250cal) (10g)
Biscuit (440cal) (6g)
-Snack: 2 spoon natural peanut butter (190cal) (8g)
-Lunch: Turkey & Cheese Sandwich, wheat (361cal) (25g)
-Snack: 2 forkfulls of dessert thing (170cal) (4g)
-Dinner: Bowl Spegetti w/sauce (440cal) (16.2g)
w/Parm Cheese 1 serv. (122cal) (10.9g)

-Drink: water all day
Protein Shake after workout (120cal) (22g)
2 Bud Light (220cal) (2g)

Totals: 2313 calories 103.1 protein

Weds: (So far)
-Breakfast: Hardee’s Side Egg and Biscuit (690cal) (16g)
-Lunch: Grill Chicken Salad with fat free Italian Dressing. (310+40cal) (28g)
-Snack: Protein Shake (120cal) (21g)

Acutally this week has been a bad one, been busy and resprting to fast food, but usually i dont, so not typical. But still trying to keep cal down protein up, and atlease some breakfast. Anyways, please address seperately if your going to rip me a new one, like i know diet sucks, but atlease let me know if workout is ok. Enjoy, and thanks for whatever you decide to say.

p.s. my goal is obviously to cut down a bit, get a solid base, may go for strength later. Thanks again!


Firstly anyone who flames you for wanting to better yourself is a tool. period

Now onto the meat of the matter:

Cardio inbetween lifting days is a good idea though you might want to try HIIT cardio when you outgrow turbo sculpt. HIIT style cardio would probably take less time too

Your lifting routine has a significant upper/lower imbalance. If you’ve three days in the gym then I would built something around the big three:

Tuesday - Legs - Squat…
Thursday - Biceps/triceps/forearms - Bench press…
Saturday - Back/Shoulders - Deadlift…

To fill these out go to - Its really helpful

As for your diet I’d forget about Macro breakdown and simply concentrate on eating clean. Your current diet has no fruit or veg - sort that out

Keep processed foods, refined sugars, fast food, salty foods to a minimum

Good luck buddy

thanks bud, thats excatly the type of feed back I was looking for. Yea, the diet isnt a-typical for me, kinda end of the month, havent been to groceries in awhile. To finish out weds. I had a spinich-mushroom kalzone, and an salad. This morning, eggs with turkey sasuage, and an apple. Thats more the norm.

btw, tried that tabata stuff, and it hurt. heh, think i’ll lay off that till later. In anycase, thanks for the input gunna look at the balance of my routine I do have everything you listed, guess just need to hone it in was kinda winging it. Thanks!

Yeah, you’ve done some homework, and you’ve got moving, so anyone who flames you is out of line. I agree with RayJay that you might want to look into HIIT, but if Turbosculpt is working for you, that’s what matters. I do disagree a little on the diet advice, I would keep tracking protein.

He’s right about keeping away from the processed foods, etc as much as possible and adding some fruits and veggies. Not only is this better for you, cutting back on the junk food will free up some calories in your diet, which should make it easier to add some more protein into the mix.

For example, that Pepsi on Monday is 400 cals. Drop that, and you could replace it with 80 grams of very lean ground beef and an apple and add a lot of protein to your diet without bumping the cals up. Good luck with your weight loss, just remember to keep trying to improve your diet as you go along.

Thanks NB, One question I do have, kind of unsure, is if you don’t get the protein amount you want out of your diet, (understanding these last few days sucked) do you just double or triple up on the protein shake? Or is that bad, and you should make sure you get it in the diet to begin with?

Reading some of the other post, the people who say, “I’m fat, wanna be jacked, what do I do.” Get more replys of “give us some details about your workout,diet, weight and we can help you.” But I do all that, and get pushed to the bottom of the bored. just found it amusing. Thanks to anyone willing to give me some advise!

Yes your correct that protein from natural sources trumps powder form when you’ve a choice between the two

Having said that you should stock up on steak, tuna, chicken fillets and all that and plan your meals in advance

Keeping a journal in the training log section might be a good idea

Well, that depends. If an extra shake will only push you over by 100 cals, I would go for it. If you’re already at 2700 cals and need 300 cals worth of shake to hit your protein numbers, I’d skip it for that day. The best bet is to plan ahead as best as you can, so you don’t get into the situation in the first place.

I normally do most of my cooking for the week over the weekend, so I just have to grab my food in the morning and go. It takes a little getting used to to get the logistics down (need a meal plan for the week by thursday so I can shop on friday, etc), but it a. keeps me from having to choose between skipping a meal and eating crab, b. makes sure that you hit your protein and calorit levels without having to really think about during the week, and c. it frees up a lot of time during the week if you don’t have to cook.

As it has been said already plan your meals out in advance. It makes it easy to ctrack calories and will be less likely to eat junk. I eat a lot of oatmeal, eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, tuna, brown rice yogurt and get plenty of protien for pretty cheap. Of course fruits and veggies too. Just an idea.

O and the soda is just crazy if you do drink soda make it a diet, 400 cals could be 2 chicken breasts 60g protien easy.

good luck

thanks for all the advise. Trying to think about how to better my routine. Any suggestions on a reordering? What to add, what to take away. Starting for the first time ever to get some definition on my back. And not a muscular chest, but alease those man titties are going away. Pretty content with my body improvements over the last 3 months or so. I’ll get some pictures up sooner or later. Again, thanks for all the help.

Yeah, guys that get flamed to hell always rise to the top of the forum, because it’s fun to gang up on idiots.

Honestly, rather than try little changes I would rip up what you’re doing and start over. Let me explain;

Rather than add or subtract things from your workout, do Rippetoes. It’s really simple, it’s a great program, gets you stronger, buts beef on your frame, money in your pocket, that sort of thing.

Workout A
Squats: 3 x 5
Bench Press: 3 x 5
Deadlift: 1 x 5
Dips (weighted): 2 x 5-8

Workout B
Squats: 3 x 5
Press: 3 x 5
Power Clean: 3 x 5
Chin-ups: 3 x 8

Every Workout / Assistance Work
Weighted Sit-ups at a 45 degree angle on decline bench: 3 x 5

Lift 3x/week, alternating each workout each time.

As far as diet goes, for beginners, I recommend the T-Dawg Diet.

HOWEVER… more important than the actual plan you follow is your consistency in following the plan (and the fact that you have a goal and a plan in the first place). Success on diet is often dictated on each Sunday, when you go to the store and buy your food for the week. Did you buy veggies? Healthy foods? Did you buy everything you intend to eat? And then do you prepare stuff ahead of time to take with you during the day so you don’t have to drop by Taco Bell on the way home from work for dinner? Things like having food available allows you to choose health without sacrificing convenience. The importance of planning cannot be overstated.

So to sum up:

  1. Do starting strength
  2. Do T-Dawg Diet.
  3. Plan your meals, prepare them in advance, and stick to your plan.