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Whats your BMI?
Mine is 27, "overweight". Going for "obese" sometime in the future.


31.5 - obese

I think instead of the race to 200, we should have the race to obesity. Get your BMI to 30 by October.


My BMI is 26.6. What do I do I am also overweight!?

Overweight with a 31 waist.


good luck. Supplement with Krispy Kreme


I'm about 31, myself. Race to obesity has a nice ring to it. Next stop, morbidly obese. :slight_smile:


what an outdated idea BMI is. I'm borderline obese and can run a 5:05 mile and bp 105lb dbs, how's that?...what worries me is my nephew, who is 14, and an avid hockey player(plays metro league..just got back from Sweden this week etc) was told by his doc that he should lose some weight based on his BMI. the kid is in great shape and is one of the strongest and fastest kids on his team. I told my sister that he should change doctors.


I am at 27.8 with a 30" waist. I am such a fatty at 8% bf. Looks like I should start weight watchers.


BMI is not very helpful on individual basis, no. But 99+ % of those scoring "obese" ARE probably obese. (Not on T-Forums, of course).


hvywht78 your not 8%.


28.3, but who's counting.

I've actually been thinkin about how to make this stupid number a little more meaningful. It would be a great measure for comparing the muscle mass individuals of individuals of varying heights if you could remove fat from the equation. If you know each individual's body fat percentage, you could compute BMI using LBM only. In other words, an LBMI.


like ike-
Do you even know me dude?


BMI is stupid. That being said mine is something like 32 which is obese though my hip to waist ratio is like .86 which is well within healthy, non-obese range. I'm 185-187 lbs and 8-9 % BF and they are saying I need to be like 170 lbs and 12% at the most/least. That is retarded. If we went by BMI every man would be skinny little wimps whos girlfriends could share clothing with them (I used to know an asshole that could!).


i had an athlete win a national bodybuilding champs at 30 BMI, ripped.
it is after all body DENSITY not fat. if a doc can figure out the difference then he's a dick.
as for me im 29.... 30 isn't that far off....hmmmm


Jim--Interesting idea--although it may end up becoming like another %BF calculation.
My question is why the government still uses BMI even though it's outdated, ineffectual and inefficient.
Oh, that might be why.


Point well-taken. There are some numbers worth hanging your hat on. Unfortunately bodyfat percent isn't always one of them. As an estimate, it can sometimes be as unreliable as the one they give you when you take your car to the shop. Anything based on it is going to be a little wiggly.

BMI continues to be used because it still applies to the average untrained person. Think of it this way, if someone doesn't do any type of training, yet weighs an amount that is out of proportion to their height (according to BMI) what is the additional weight likely from? Fat.


I tried this at one site before and it said my age was not possible for the height/weight combination and that it would "recalculate" my age(?)

The result? Tt said I was an obese 11 year old!


your all babies 37.42


BMI is worthless on an individual, but pretty good on a population level.


a BMI with a body fat % gives you a good idea of the persons overall shape.
High BMI and low body fat = weapon


cyco, you must be a fuckin samoan with a BMI like that.
mind you, you is a strong boy, yes?
powerlifter im guessing, hopefully a bencher (benching more than you box squat shame on you!)


I wish I was samoan...damn big ass mofos
Im not exactly lean tho, but I am pure honkey

I am a bencher now, but have used to compete in full lifts before injury. Was working towards a 300kg squat 8 years ago...and can still squat 185ish raw (best is 240tho). My box squat is only 130 cos i havent done them before, so I was practicing.

Im still only a baby compared to heavy weight powerlifters (Wayne Pomana if you have ever seen him. Now thats a prize bullock)