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BMI survey

Just wanted to post a quick survey – What’s your BMI? I know it really has no bearing on actual health, but I’m wanting to do a little survey of the T-community for a post elsewhere. If you don’t know it, here’s a quick calculator to help you out (www.quickmedz.com/ index.asp? cat=bmi+calculator). Please post your ht, wt, and BMI. Thanks!

Height 5’ 7"/175lbs/12% bf (8% with calipers)

I was gonna help you out, but that link doesn’t go to a BMI calculator. Anyway, assuming the raw data are also useful to you, I’m 5’9", 205, ~8% BF. Yes, according to the height/weight charts I’m severely obese. :slight_smile:

I used the BMI calculator on that website and it says I’m just 5% below the point where I qualify for presciption weight loss drugs. Uh, I think it’s off.

There has been a lot of discussion about the utility of BMI. I, for one, think it is trash. It effectively does not take true body composition into account. Effectively, one is punished for being muscular. Just my 2 cents.

5’6, 185-7lbs, ~14% bodyfat. I’ve just recently become “obese” and I’ve been very proud lately

I’m worse than Patricia. If I replenish my carb-stores, I become obese. If I’m low on carbs, I’m overweight.

I guess we all knew that carbs make you obese!

Yup, Mav, that was kind of the point. just wanted to get a real-world set of data that proves it wrong.

Nevermind my last post. I’m an idiot; I didn’t take out both spaces in the link. Anyway, my BMI is 30.32, which still makes me “obese I”.

28.9 74"/225lbs.

I’m 5’10" 185, BMI 26.29. I’m overweight, nevermind the abs I can see popping out.

5’8, 220, 18%, 33.5

6’2, 215, 14%= 27.64
shit i am only overweight.

5’10", 162lb, 8% BF and a bmi of 23. I’m shooting for over weight.

6’1" 240lbs. 12-14%BF.

BMI 31.7

I’m overweight at 5’11’ 197, around 10% BF. I’ll need to have less than zero % BF if I want to become normal without losing any muscle. I guess I’d better order some prescription weight loss drugs immediately.

35.64, obesity II.
I’m also 5’10" 248lbs and 11% BF :slight_smile:


6’2" 287lbs 9.6%(using a seven site skinfold test)

Oh and according to the BMI I am 37.

My BMI is 27.9. I actually qualify for prescription wt loss drugs… How friggin stupid is that?