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BMI Question


I found this graph on Washington post and its about the ever increasing BMI of peoples of the worlds http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/health/weight-of-the-world-bmi/

But i always read on T-Nation sites that its garbage because it doesn't take into other factors, from what i get it only takes in your Height and weight into account to calculate ur BMI. If its so bad why do they keep using BMI?


The same reason carb only breakfasts are great and protein is bad for your kidneys.


The same reason sultanas are labeled 99% fat free.


It's cuz "most people" don't really look like the people on T-Nation. Most (many?) of us have a high BMI because of years of hard work, but we are a minority. As a dumbass means of easily checking if one is "overweight" or not, it does probably work most of the time (but none of the time for us). ...Eh, I still think they should change it.

I can't recall if it was on this site or another where a poster said his doctor walked in and said something like, "This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you and your washboard abs that your BMI is too high and you're fat..."


because it is easy to use...

plus this is most likely accurate...i don't see a bunch of ultra muscular people walking about my city on a regular basis...


Because it meakes sense in cohort studies.

The occasional athlete that throws it off a little bit is statistically irrelevant.

Now if it is used to determine your health and life expectancy, say, by an insurance company it is obviously bullshit if you weight is muscle mass.



But Swedish doctors are starting to replace BMI with the better waist circumference or the even better sagittal abdominal diameter or "belly height". Unfortunately, this will take time.


It is a little more accurate than this type of measurement.