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BMI Finally Says I'm Obese

Hoolray! I finally became obese according to the body mass index. It’s been my goal for a long time to finally get there…

30.3 BMI

Underweight = <18.5

Normal weight = 18.5-24.9

Overweight = 25-29.9

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Whats your point dude? Im obese according to BMI too but you realize BMI is bullshit. It doesnt take into account muscle mass. I think BMI is a piece of shit. I am 6ft7 and weigh 290lbs and it says I am overweight, if you saw me you would tell me I am full of shit. Most people think I weigh around 220. hahahaha

BMI says that for someone who is 6ft7 a normal weight is 165-220 pounds. BMI says I am 32.7 Obese. HAHAHAH NOW THATS A SERIOUS LAUGH. I really got to post pics for a further laugh.

I am 5’10 194 and have a BMI of 28. Do any T-Nationers have low BMI’s?

im 20 :smiley: good news because i was calculated at 14 1 year ago

by virtue of being the biggest wimp in T-Nation history, I do…I’m underweight.

130lbs (YES!) and 5’6’’

I used to be about 110 soaking wet so 20lbs in 3 months ain’t too bad (i discovered you needed to eat to grow…)

Dont even look at BMI. BMI is a bullshit scale, not even worth considering. BMI has me at overweight almost obese. I’m 6’1 215.

BMI is BS.I’m in the mid 40s these days. Truth is, I’m a little overweight. I have about 20lbs to lose. The flip side is that the mid 40s says that I should have a gastric bypass. Even when I was lean and just leaving highschool I would have qualified as obese.
I always asked my nutrition teacher about it. She would never answer. It’s tool that was made up to get Joe Fatass off the couch. Didn’t work either.

LOL, I have a 31.1 BMI! I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend I’m obese! That’s too funny…so what idiot decided that a height/weight ratio is a good measure of obesity?

[quote]LBRTRN wrote:
LOL, I have a 31.1 BMI! I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend I’m obese! That’s too funny…so what idiot decided that a height/weight ratio is a good measure of obesity?[/quote]

BMI is easy to calculate and for most of the population it works fine. In fact, it worked so well at determining some risk factors that many researchers assumed that weight training was unhealthy.

I think he is glad that he finnaly gained enough to be considered obese by the government.
I am 5’6" 175lbs and i got a 28.5 bmi
hopfully by the end of summer i will be 190+ and obese!

BMI = Bullshit

Welcome to the world of the healthy.

True story. I had a client flip out on me and how he wasn’t losing weight fast enough. He had seen something about BMI on the news and did his and it said he was obese.

At the time he was 6’4 240 lbs. He was flipping out over it, and when I explained that BMI was bs, he said to me “No, they have the scale for a reason.” To this day he occasionally remarks about the BMI calculator and we laugh. Now he is still 6’4 and 225, so just overweight, not obese.

Im Overweight on the BMI scale but I consider myself pretty skinny, 6"0 200 lbs.

It’s annoying to think that statistics about how “X% of the population is overweight or obese” is based on the BMI scale, and that we are part of these statistics.

Woot! Glad you brought it up. I just made it too, after this past week’s gains:

194 lbs.
30.4 BMI

Obesity kicks ass.

72 inches
205 lbs

Dammit, I’m only at 27.8. I’m overwieght, but not a disgusting fat body like some of you guys. I’ll keep lifting weight to get obese.
New goal: Obesity by November.

This is kind of fun.

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NICE WORK!!! Hell accoring to BMI im taking my damn last breaths.

At 5’5 185lb-ish with mid to low teen bodyfat.
According to the US Army Im morbidly obese, a dead man walking. I went to the TMC back in the states before I deployed and the triage nurse was so concerned with my hight/weight ratio they called my commander to inform him of this fact.

BMI is not BS. It’s fine for “the general public”.

It’s cool to have a fucked up BMI though. At least it is when you have below 15% fat.

can’t talk, bmi says i am too fat to open my mouth, except to fill it with food. 33%