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Bmbrady77 Lab Results


Dehydration will increase amount of albumin.

Measuring actual level of free testosterone from blood is not very accurate. That is why doctors with knowledge will order TT + SHBG (+albumin) --> free calculated T.

If you are feeling somewhat good then I would not rush with changes of protocol. Go with your lifestyle changes and get comprehensive bloodwork from private lab after month or two.

With them and considering your feeling of wellnes you might want to think about slight protocol change or another doctor. But as said by some other user, if you get your prescription filled and can inject yourself… Just go with current doctor.

At some point it would be good to tell her about mistakes that she have done so she could give better treatment to other patients. If she is ignorant then so be it. You can find new one.


Not sure why your talking about the T to E2 ratio it has nothing to do with over range HCT

Did you read my post? I never said HCT would suddenly climb. I said overtime.

As far as proof goes. Everyone I have ever talked to on TRT over several forums has said their TRT doc or clinic has a limit on HCT and if you hit it you either donate blood or cut your T dose or they pull your script.

What do you think causes the increase in red blood cells (HCT)? bound T, free T or your T to E ratio?

Guys on the forums that are having issues with HCT when they post their bloods Free T has always been over range for an extended period of time.


testosterone (androgens) in general once they verge into levels that are high enough to stimulate erythropoises (for some this may be a TT of 1000ng/dl, for others it could be 4000ng/dl and for some it could be 500ng/dl, you never know), will stimulate an increase in RBC’s, the mechanism as to why isn’t fully understood, but I’d gander that it has something to do with AR binding as the kidneys do contain androgen receptors and many (but not all) actions of anabolic steroids are androgen receptor mediated (some more than others). Androgens tend to increase the output and effectiveness of erythropoiten, now with a hypogonadal male, bringing testosterone into physiologic ranges will increase HCT/RBC somewhat, but were talking about polycythemia (HCT above say 55 %), to do this, typically very high doses are required. That being said some will have very high HCT/RBC counts on only 100mg/wk, if he feels good, I’d suggest keeping the protocal where it’s at and just seeing what happens. Either way, donating blood every 12 weeks isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good deed, so why not anyway? There’s no harm done in helping others.

However OP needs to fix his lipids, he’s looking at a premium economy ticket to atherosclerosis city if he isn’t careful (I say premium economy because while his lipids aren’t great, they aren’t shocking either)


Thanks for the replies fellas. I rather enjoy the differences of opinion and getting both ends of the spectrum. I find that for me, the best thing usually winds up being in the middle of those two extremes.

For now, I think I’ll keep everything the same and see where my bloods are at after a few months on keto. I can already tell in a week that palpitations are all but gone, my last blood glucose reading yesterday was 94! That’s the best reading I’ve had in a long time. I still haven’t even been on TRT long enough yet to realize the full potential of Test in relation to increased insulin sensitivity so I can only image that will come into play within a few months as well.

One question regarding the keto. Do you guys think that if my lipids and glucose levels return to normal, that my SHBG will start increasing as well?


TRT usually drives SHBG down over time. You might look into optimizing thyroid. I know you mentioned your thyroid labs were normal, but total test of 330 (250-1100 Quest range) is considered “normal”. If thyroid is low normal optimizing it will increase SHBG.


Quick update…

I started keto on Nov 4th. At that time, I had been measuring BF using a small squeeze caliper but not sure how accurate that was/is because I was only measuring 1 location. The stats before I started by using this method were…

Weight -196 lbs
BF - 17-18%
Fasting blood glucose - 112
Ketone levels - 0.1

Waist - 37.5 inches
Belly - 39.35 inches
Chest - 42.75 inches
Right Bicep - 16 inches
Right Thigh - 24.5 inches

A few days after starting, I purchased a smart scale because I wanted a more convenient reference and it’s very convenient for tracking progress using the health app. I know it’s not as accurate, so I purchased three different scales and put each one through a consistency check. I chose to keep the one that was most consistent for 5 consecutive reads and took the others back. After changing to the scale for tracking weight and BF, the numbers were…

Weight -196.4lbs
BF - 26.1%

Today, a little over a week later, I took the following readings…

Weight - 191.1lbs
BF - 25.1%
Fasting blood glucose - 95!!! Woot woot!!
Ketone levels - 1.8 (taken yesterday evening 4 hours after afternoon meal)

Will be doing measurements again this weekend and will update then.

That’s progress guys!!! I’ve been taking in a little more protein than most keto regimens call for, but that’s because I’m trying to make sure that I don’t lose too much in muscle mass. My caloric total is about a 15% deficit. Once I reach my goal BF, I’ll up the intake back to maintenance and maybe a little surplus. This increased protein has made it a much smoother ride than when I did keto a few years back. Way more energy and a very short fat adaption period.

Take away…So far so good!!



Been busy the last few weeks with life and work, and getting ready for the Christmas season.

Hope all of you guys have been doing well.

Stayed with same dosage of T Cyp (50mg E3.5D). I had few days a couple weeks back that I felt like E2 was creeping up. Kinda had some emotional ups and downs. Decided to just weather the storm and it passed pretty quickly. Been feeling great ever since!

BP has been great since starting keto and my blood sugar is slowly coming down. I feel better than I ever have and my body is slowly transforming into a healthier version of myself. I can’t complain!!

Here’s a progress pic.

First…before I started (Keto and TRT)

This one is Friday…


Nice dude. You inject subq?


No man I’ve stuck with IM. Alternate quads one week and then my wife alternates my glutes the second. Wash, rinse, repeat.


Good job! Keep it up.


Thanks bro! No going back now for sure!


It’s that your full protocol 50 e3.5? And supps, ai, HCG?



No AI or HCG. My TRT protocol is T-Cyp only.

I work out out every weekday in the evenings and do 15 min fasted cardio 3x a week.

Omega 3 Fish Oil
Melatonin (at night before bed)
ON Whey protein powder (pre workout)
Creatine (pre workout)
Beta Alanine (4000mg pre workout)
Saw Palmetto
Green Tea Extract

That’s about it. Keeping diet in check on 20% total caloric deficit. High fat, ~140g protein, and 20g or less carbs a day. I allow myself one cheat meal where I eat anything I desire for one meal every 7 days (to keep the sanity lol). This also helps to replenish muscle glycogen stores due to heavy workouts depleting them during the week.


One more thing I forgot to mention but may be interesting to anyone who has followed my story…

About 6 weeks ago, I totally changed the way I work out. After suffering a tendon injury on the inside of my right elbow (blew it out in a heavy preacher curl session about 3 months before I started TRT) I realized that my muscle capacity is way heavier than the ability of my tendons to keep up. I had to baby my arm workouts for a very long time to allow that heal.

I recently started doing a lot of experimentation with different styles of lifting to see if I could achieve muscle failure without screwing up my joints. What I came up with totally changed the way I approached my workouts.

Now, I basically take 50-70% of my 1RM and do 3 reps at a normal tempo. After the third rep, my wife starts counting slowly out loud to 5. I time 3 more reps with her counting. 5 seconds negative, 5 seconds positive. At the end of the third rep, I explode out as many reps as I can to failure (usually 5-8 more reps). This has DRASTICALLY improved my workouts and allowed me to go to failure on every single set without overloading my joints. Very effective style and I highly recommend it to any of you guys who are having trouble getting heavy enough weights to go to failure without injury.

I have slowly gotten it into my rock hard head that the best way to progress is to control the diet, and check the ego at the door (lower the weights and make it harder through technique adjustments). It has made all the difference in the world for me.

Anyway, hope this helps someone else.


Great job! Great to see things working out for you :wink:


Have you experienced significant strength gains recently?


That’s ironically a hard question to answer. Nothing I would call “significant” I don’t think. Normal type progressions though. 1-2 reps this week. Another 5 lbs the next week. That kind of thing.

I don’t really know how much my 1RM has increased because I haven’t tested that in a while. I try to just concentrate on making sure I fail on each set instead of how much weight I’m throwing on the bar. I can say this, I threw ~85% (195lbs) of my old 1RM (235lbs) on the bar last week on chest day to see what I could do with it. I used to push that four 4 sets of 5-6 reps. Last week I pushed that for 5 sets of 8-10 reps. That 1RM was calculated about 3 months ago maybe? I definitely see that as improvements, but I’m not sure if that’s significant or what one would normally expect following the same regimen that I am?


Well that puts your calculated 1RM at around 260. Id say that is fairly significant.


You know I hadn’t done the math on that in a while, but since you did (and thank you for that btw), I have to say that, in that light, I guess that is fairly significant! Lol


One of the raps, perhaps legit, with anabolic steroids was tendon/ligament rupture. The thinking was that muscle responds quicker than tendon and ligamentous tissue. This was noted with beginning weight trainees in general, especially with younger subjects going through puberty.

Muscle adapts quicker to stress than tendons and ligaments. Over time, they catch up. This is another reason why growth hormone products aid in strength training and the connective tissue reacts quicker.

It does not seem this applies to you, but just a thought.