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Bmbrady77 Lab Results


Thank SL…I guess I’m going to have to wait until I consult with Dr Calkins on Wednesday to get a plan in place to get all this stuff straight…

I have been feeling MUCH better since on TRT too!


Was this fasting? Glucose high if fasting.

A1c? I would get that to check for pre diabetes.

Check insulin too.

Insulin resistance can cause low shbg in addition to hypothyroidism which you may have given tsh above 4. Check free t3 and t4 and total t3 and t4.

Why dht so low? Read about the causes.

Hypothyroidism can affect lipid profile.

I have fatty liver and my triglycerides are elevated but cholesterol is 150.


Yes fasting but BG levels have hovered around 100 for quite a long time now and have not gotten any worse. Since I started doing Keto, I can get a few readings of 94-98 fasting, but rarely any lower.

I had A1C on the previous bloods and they verified this same thing… Thats where I hover… Genetics are a BITCH!


Men with a testosterone deficiency are at increased risk of type 2 diabetes, leading to glucose intolerance. TRT cannot work if thyroid is struggling.


One more quick question…

Is it conclusive evidence of Hypothyroidism being that my TSH is high, even though My Free T3, RT3, and Free T4 are all in range?


It’s a good point and probably something for a doc to answer.


Dr Calkins can treat both.
I can’t wait to hear about the consult I hope you will share a little of what you discussed?


That’s a promise man. thanks for your help brother.



I know you’re busy brother with all you have going on. If you could spare a few minutes, I would greatly value any feedback you could offer or any pertinent questions you could recommend that might be important for me to ask during my consultation.


@bmbrady77 I’m
Sorry - did I miss a question from you? What’s up brother


I wanted to see if you could shed some light on my labcorp labs (particularly concerning thyroid) above and maybe recommend a few questions that I could ask my dr on Wednesday when I do my initial consultation.


@bmbrady77 you def need thyroid help. Ask for a saliva test. If he wants to start treatment ask for either armor or nature thyroid. No synthroid. Also your glucose is awful. Metformin would be helpful. Lower Carbs but don’t eliminate them totally


@physioLojik are you just going by his tsh?

His free t4 is good and free t3 is on upper end at 3.7.


Thank you man for your input. Yeah glucose has been high for a while and I’ve been doing a keto diet for the last 8-10 weeks. Doesn’t seem like that’s helping that much. Fat is dropping off like crazy but the bloods are still haywire. Diabtetes runs in my family so I fear I have a hard row to hoe to get that under control.


@charlie12 it’s why he needs the saliva testing. This will show his thyroid malfunctioning :slight_smile:


@bmbrady77 Metformin will help you a lot. Your doc will Script that with those numbers as is.


You are the man bro and thank you for your time!


You remember my chart with the multiple thyroid labs. My only symptom was cold hands a period of time everyday. still not sure if I should continue treatment with the shoulder pain I developed. Pain got better with Armour but still annoyingly there


@charlie12 I encourage anyone with these issues to get a saliva test. A blood test is generally quite misleading. We need to see daily output. For instance you might have shit output am when the draw is but have elevated output in the evening. We would know then the adrenals were in trouble.


@physioLojik Please take peak at labs above taken at different times all pre treatment. I will try saliva tests. Dr will laugh when I ask for that. Lol.

Also am only taking 15 MG Armour will that supplement my own thyroid. I feel good in it except the shoulder pain. I would think 15 MG is OK being am not straight out hypothyroid.

Glad u said that dissecated thyroid better. I tried t4 only and it caused the shoulder pain to start.

BTW I don’t even see the saliva test for thyroid on labcorp