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BM, please respond!

I saw a commercial for a workout video on Ron Palmer when I was watching the Bench America contest. Is it any insight into training for strength, and is it any good? Thanks, BM your response would be appreciated…

why would you pay for this when there is so much free information around?

because there is nothing on his training that i have found, so i was just wondering…im just seeking as many techniques as i can to broaden my knowledge and ability to get stronger…

Think about this before you want to know about someone else’s training. Who else has gotten strong using their techniques?

Numba 56-Sorry I Didnt see this post before now…THe video should be a good video just watching ron squat would be well worth it…Learning there techniques would be smart they have 4 top wpo lifters on there team 2 in the bench bash and mike coe and ron who are the APF senior natinal champs…but yea watching ron squat would be worth it the last time i trained with them it was when ron was testing his hybrid sq suit he was 20 weeks out from a meet and he only weighd 155 pounds and he squated 775 for 3 reps…some info i can give you is there coach is Rocky Tilson and he is sometimes on the dr. squat forum he is a nice guy and loves to talk training;;;you may want to get ahold of him over there at the dr. squat froum…they do have some unique things they do in there training and it has produced some great resluts with 4 wpo lifters and 2 wpo champs so i would take alook at it if your interested…bm