BM New Log

I have got a lot of pm’s from people wondering how my training is going and my diet and stuff…so i am going to post a training log for the next 12 weeks…all my info will be in here…big martin

goal and shit

diet is going good morning weight is 258 down from a bloated 290 or so around thanksgiving …

my next meet is 12 weeks out it will be in april i will either do the iron house classic or a usapl meet depends on where my training partners want to go…

my goal for this session is to get my nutrtion and training in check and not worry about body weight but come in at my next meet either a 242 or a lean 275 and be stronger than before…my diet will consist of about 6-8 meals a day and will be a whole food meal followed by a protien shake with heavy cream and fish oils or a meal replacement nytro-pro-40…my supps are a vitamin-grow-vp2-nytro pro 40- creatine hsc-cell tech…i may try some hot rox soon and i am getting so used to ephedrine and it got banned…

my goals will be a 700+sq-475-500bench**really would like to nail 500 and am working on finding THE PERFECT SHIRT FOR ME…and a 515-550 dl my dl sucks i am not built to deadlift i am built like a block with short arms and a big belly…

another goal build a huge upperback…

another goal is to really keep nutrtion in check get 500 grams of protien a day and not eat unnessecary carbs…i take in 100 grams of carbs post training in the form of ast creatine hsc or cell tech this is not good for bodybuilders of course but this shit works great for powerlifters trust me…the rest of the day i try to keep all my carbs complex and try to total no mre than 100…

my dyanmic squat plan is at elite fitness read jim wendlers squating a diffirent perspective article it works well for me…i use a pair of dbply briefs and a metal v-type single ply squat suit straps down on dyanmic day…i will probally use the metal briefs and a inzer hybrid canvas poly suit at my next meet…if i go to the usapl ill use the metal v-type again

for max eff squat day i will cycle about 4 exerscices- camberd squat bar good morning squats **these work great for me…camberd squat bar low box squats…safety squat bar suspended good mornings…safety squat bar lox box squats…i like ot use rack pulls from all heights and for 2-3 reps a s asseccory work along with reverse band deadlifts for doubles off 4 inch boxes as asseccory work i like to alternate this each week…i also do 2-5 sets of heavy shrugs to finish this workout…i do all this work raw except a belt on heavt sets…

i do most my asseccory work like pull throughs, band gm’s, lat pulls downs, band leg curls…for high reps and do them as gpp warmups…this allows me to concentrate on them first and give them more effort than i would after my workout…

for max effort bench i will usually have on inzer single ply training shirt and do board presses of all heights and foam presses in it…my comp shirt will be a titan fury and i am going to train in it every other week or every 3rd work out doing board presses and foam presses in it… i will use high board presses and lock outs as my assitant work and sometimes use dumbell press…i will hit the upper back and rear delts hard on this day before and after my training…i have tried a denim shirt have gotten help from some good denim benchers including a wpo lifter and i still suck at it… i bench way better in a poly shirt dont ask me why…i think it is because i lower the bar way to fast and the denim slows me down and the poly absorbs the bar …i dont know…

dynamic bench…will be speed bench and 1 heavy pressing movement for my tris for 3-5 reps this will be high board presses 3-4-5 or heavy rack lock outs…after this i will train the lats and upper back hard…ill do all thsi work raw also

i have taken the last few weeks and really worked on my condtioning doing lots of supersets and keeping my max effort work for 3-6 reps…so i feel i am in good shape and rady to get this show on the road…

…hope this helps…ands pm with any ? or suggestions…thanks big martin

max effort squat dl day 1-5-04

gpp warm up
a1.pull down abs 5x20 band gms 5x12
b1. green band leg curls 3x25
b2. lat pull downs 3x12

max eff movement
camberd squat bar goodmorning-squats close stance ass to the grass…
***the camberd squat bar has a 14 inch camberd and and weighs 65 pounds i swear it is heaveir than that though…and it really takes the upper back completely out of the lift…it flatens you out and makes it hard to arch the lower back…the weights also swing around a lot and it feels like your squating with a heavy swing set with kids sitting on it on your back it really hits the abs and obliques also…it is a tuff bar and will only make you better…

bar x10
315x3-* from this set on i did a puase squat goodmorning squat sitting in the bottom for 3 seconds
455x3-paused all but last one

  • shut it down want to do triples for a couple more weeks…this set about killed me though

rack pulls from pin 1

shrugs 315x10-345x6-345x6

side bends 75 pound bells x 3sets x10 reps

***it is nice to be in good shape for once work outs are much easier…big martin

Hey. Where did you get the cambered squat bar? I am in the middle of low box close stance safety bar squats now and am pissed!!! Hate that f’in bar…back to the rack.

One of my training partners dad is a welder for the indiana water company and he made it for us for christmas…you really cant tell any diffirence from it and any other i have seen it has very deep knurling and a huge 14 inch camberd and it fits our rack perfect…he followed the bar design from a gym here in indy who had one…he just went into the gym and looked at the bar took down some notes and a month later he built one for us for christmas…i beleive the one he studied may have been the rackable version from efs though…it works great though and it is very heavy he says he made it weigh 65 pounds but i am not so sure…my pr with a regular bar for gm squats is around 500 or so and today 455 for 3 felt like a ton…big martin

You lost 32 lbs. in a little over a month?

Big Martin, is the USAPL meet you’re considering doing in April the Dave Martin Memorial? If so, do you have any idea what city that takes place in?

sam i was coming off 2 steroid cycles where i was holding tons of water…so i have lost a lot of water my normal weight during this priod had i not used steroids would have been somewhere between 270-280 so i would say 15 pounds of actual weight loss happend…big martin

daox -i do not know ill ask the guys who i train with who know wensday and get back to you…i think they said something about it being in evansville…but dont quote me on it…big martin

The Dave Martin Meet is usually in April at the Iron Pit in Bloomington. The number of lifters is usually limited. It is a qualifier and a fundraiser. You can find info when it is available at the Indiana USAPL web site. I’ve participated in 2. It’s a fun meet, and they usually have a catered cookout afterward.

Is there anything in particular that you doing to address your deadlift specifically? it must be a bit of a downer on your other wise kick ass lifts…

You should post a pic, when you finish “cutting” (dare I say that word to you) :slight_smile:

Firefit- thanks for the info…

whetu- i have found some people can get away with never training the deadlift i cant…the only thing that has moved my dl from the 500 mark is doing rack pulls, reverse band stiff leg deads,and speed pulls off 4 inch box with minis as my asseccory work…i have found if i do the rack pulls and rev band dl in the 80-90% range for doubles after my max effort squat work my dl moves to around 550 …and my last cycle was the first time i had done the speed pulls off boxes with minis and i got my dl to a pr level so there definately working…my dl is weird if i take time off and dont pull or if i cut down on these movements my dl falls 50 pounds in 2 weeks i swear its nuts…i also am really working on my sumo form so when i get it perfected that should help also…but yea the best thing i have found for it is to pull fairly heavy for my asseccory work if i dont do this my dl goes to shit fast and i have no idea why…i am also adding in tons more shrugs and upper back work this cycle so that may help…but yea i if i dont pull heavy and often my dl always fall back to the 500 mark and when i am at my best training hard i can get it around 550 or so…

greekdawg… i will definatelty try to get some pics up this cycle…last time i really wanted to but my freinds digital computer broke witht he pics we took so hopefully ill get some up of me my crew and our gym…

…big martin

Be sure to do those speed pulls. Those have worked great for me. I could pull 650 from the floor to me knees. I just got to get to where i can lock it out.

oh goldberg those are definately staying put on dynamic squat fridays those speed pulls with minis on the box hepled tremendously…big martin

max effort bench day

gpp warm up
a1. lat pull downs wide grip 2x20
a2. front raises 2x10
b1. lat pull dwons medium grip 2x10
b2. laterial raise 2x10
c1. lat pull downs v-grip 2x10
c2. rear delt fly 2x8

max effort movement high volume + max 1
4 board press
455x1 tied pr
475x1 huge pr for me as 455 kind of scraped the uprights and went up a lil slow so i got a little pissed so i added the 35 pound plate got set up real tight and pulled the bar a little more down by my belly and blew it up…hugr pr for me made my day…

dumbell press
75 pound bells x10
75 pound bells x10
55 pound bells x22

a1. face pulls heavy 4x10
a2. seated dumbell cleans 4x8 55 pound bells…

…see yea this weekend big martin

Congrats on the big PR. Must have been a good day for benching…I hit a 10 pounder on reverse band press.

What do you pull your speed deads off w/ the minis? Do you have a jumpstretch platform? What I failed about is doing speed deads in my current training phase for my meet. Thats probably why the speed off the floor sucks, and I could ultimately pull more if I did those. I kick myself for not doing them, but I’m planning on doing them for now on.

extra work out…12.5 games of air hockey my fingers are going to be sore…

landon… i just tlaked to one of my training partners who has digital camera and he is going to take a picture of our deadlift set up tommrow and he will try to get it on here for yea to see…it is fairly simple it’s just 2 4inch high boxes next to each other with a doubled mini on each side wrapped under the bar it is preety heavy at the top…but it can be confusing to set up so i will try to get a pic for u in the morning …big martin

definitely, post that up. I’ll definitely appreciate it cause I need a solution for this as well.


landon give me a few days and ill have the pic posted…it should be early next week…the pic has been taken my freind just has to get to his campus apartment to do it and its still break until monday…

dyanmic squat and dl

gpp warm up ***done in a huge circuit because of time today
a1. pull downs abs 5x20
a2. pull throughs 5x10
a3. blue band gm’s 5x12
a4. lat pull dowsn 5x10

dynamic box squat 14 inch box parrellel
*** first dyanmic squat contest cycle workout

emphasis speed strength 45 seconds rest between sets

325 pounds plus green band
8 sets of 2 reps

dyanmic speed deadlifts standing on a 4inch box with 2 doubled mini bands
6 singles at 245 pounds
1 single at 335 pounds
1 single at 385 pounds
3 singles at 245 pounds

green band leg curls 100 reps

…big martin