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Blumenthal (Liar) Ahead in Polls?


"Blumenthal was initially considered a shoo-in to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, but questions arose earlier this month about his candidacy when the New York Times reported that in multiple instances he misleadingly suggested he served on the battlefield during the Vietnam War. While Blumenthal served six years in the Marine Corps Reserves, he received at least five deferments to keep him out of Vietnam. Blumenthal said he misspoke and apologized for his misleading statements on Monday."


This guy lies about his military service, which IMHO, should be insulting to anyone that has ever served. Yet he still leads in the polls? I was hoping the trend in this country was going towards replacing the typical politician types. I still have hope, but this isn't very reassuring.


I think his lie will do him in, Toomey has his number come election time.


One of the few thing’s Bush did correctly I say he get’s charged with a crime and goodbye, my father is a Korean War vet who sacrificed his eye, his hearing and his mind for this country people like him need to be put in stockcades and have rotten fruit thrown upon him. The other thing that pisses me off is when did it become ok for ANYBODY (dem rep major league baseball player) who lie get caught and say they “misspoke” no asshole you lied you got caught grow a set and admit it.


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