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Bluetooth Skipping Question

As this is the only online community I use, I hope someone here is enough of a techie to shed some light on this issue.

I have my phone connected to 3 bluetooth devices that I use regularly, 2 speakers and my car. I have a specific issue I’m encountering with one of the speakers that is maddening I’d like to fix or at least understand.

The connection is fine and plays whatever I’m listening to problem free unless I do anything else with the phone. I mean, even just turning the screen to check the time/notifications and the audio will start skipping for a few seconds until it settles itself down. If I try to actually use the phone, it skips until I shut the screen off and let it chill. Drives me nuts. Started about a week or 2 ago.

This doesn’t happen on the other speaker or in my car. Phone is like 3 months old and the speaker in question is a JBL that’s about 2 years old and hasn’t been abused.

Any thoughts?

Update, I’ve fixed the issue. Simply turning the bluetooth on my phone off then back on again seems to have solved it. Who would’ve thought.