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Bluetooth All the Time, Anyone Else Notice


a growing trend for males (typically older) to wear their Bluetooths ALL THE TIME?

is this supposed to be the next cool thing to do, like the male version of UGG boots


btw- that was a rhetorical question if it's the next cool thing.


Yeah, I'm surprised there's not more derision for those Bluetooths all the time thing.

It's like saying to the world "Look, I may need to take a call AT ANY TIME and I'm so busy I can't afford the time to reach in my pocket and get my cell"



what the fuck is BlueTooth?


you will only see it on guys like in your avatar :wink:


bluetooth is way gay


But, that's me in my avatar and I don't have this BlueTooth thing, or else I'd know what it is.


Yeah shit annoys me a little, unless of course you're a mad busy businessman or something. Having said that, in some states that's the only way you can legally talk on the phone while you drive, and when you drive on military bases it's the only legal way....so it definitely has a time and place. And obviously having both hands free can be nice.


Tell that to my bluetooth headphones when you go to Oly lift. Or really, half the lifts out there where you aren't sitting...

Now granted, I only wear the headphones when I'm actually listening to music (this was the whole point of the purchase), but I can and have taken calls on them when someone interrupts my musics.

No cord headphones is also amazingly amazing for a little treadmill running.


sorry, I should be specific, by bluetooth, I'm referring to the ear piece worn that syncs with a cell phone, but 99.99% of the time people that always wear them, aren't talking on them.


I know you have skinny arms so you can hold a phone to your ear as long as you want, but some of us can't. :wink:


not as annoying as people who wear sunglasses indoors or at night
every time i see those people i wanna superglue eye patches over their eyes.

the only people who actually benefit from blue tooth headsets are delivery drivers.


Xover 9000


Wear your ipod/mp3 player on your arm with a typical armband thing, and run the headphone wire through your sleeve with the slack hanging down your back. No bluetooth headphones required and I have yet to find an exercise that moves me in a way that tugs the cord.


It annoys the piss out of me when someone is in the bathroom and starts talking on one, I always think they're talking to me.

The sunglass thing screams D-bag.


What if I am wearing sunglass and a bluetooth at the same time in a movie theater, but I'm talking the whole time?


I remember saying a few years ago that Apple should stop trying to make iPods that are 120G and can hold all sounds ever made by man or beast or whatnot and instead work on cordless headphones that come with every iPod.


On my last flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver (about 12 hours)there was a guy with a popped collar and sunglasses on the back of his head the whole flight.


Then you would be this douche bag.