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Blues/Slide Guitar


Been wanting to get this thread going for a little while now. Blues Guitar/Slide guitar music definitely isn't for everyone, but it is for me right now. Some of videos to follow Jack White and Seasick Steve too.

Got anyone you like? Post 'em here.


Chris Whitley, getting his props now that he's dead and gone, not only for guitar skills but vocals too


Robert Randolph and the Family Band...


Jack white at the beginning of "It Might Get Loud"

See it, if you haven't...


Seasick Steve again...


Sometimes a slow, heavy blues draws you in like nothing else.


John Lee Hooker. If you know the Spinal Tap soundtrack, his riff feels like what they used for "Gimme Some Money"


Johnny Winter


Duane Alman. I don't listen to the blues much anymore but he's one of my favorites.

I remember reading somewhere years ago Slash uses a bic lighter for a slide just for the fuck of it lol.


Roy Buchanan (RIP).

I got to see him open for Stevie Ray back in '85.
IMHO, Roy had the tone and the grit that SRV didn't. Gave me goosebumps that I still get when I think about that show.


[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Sometimes a slow, heavy blues draws you in like nothing else.

YES! Robin Trower is one of the best dude. I listen to heavy shit mostly now but still play his stuff atleast once a month.



I bought a guitar because of him, it's red and white, just like his!!! Only it's probably way cheaper/less awesome but I love it so much even though I am so bad at playing it.



I'm with you BJB! I too listen to heavy stuff mostly (metal and such), but Trower's always in my playlist. The video I posted sounds extra heavy because it's downtuned a half step and played a bit slower than usual. Awesome.


Black Crowes took this rendition slow and groovy. I like it.


007 I know what you mean regarding Duane. When Dickey Betts isn't your best guitiarist you're doing pretty good. Allman Brothers were incredible man.. Two drum kits, two lead guitars. Plus Greg and Duane had matching tie dies...


I LOVE the Crowes! Saw then numerous times. The last time, we were down front and Chris handed his harmonica to my long-haired son!


I like the big percussive kind of sound he gets out of that strat. Decent vocalist too.


Derek Trucks:

I believe he has some of the most absolutely beautiful phrasing ever in the history of guitar. His tone + pickless + slide (or no slide).


Yeah man KWS is great. 1:54 mark on through is all kinds of fun


Source song for KWS's Aberdeen version.