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Blueprint For Supplements?

Hey there,

I’m searching for information on a rudimentary explanation of supplements. Starting from scratch I’d like to put together a supplementation regiment that follows some structure instead of a random process. Since I’m a commercial real estate developer I’ll call it a blueprint for supplements; here’s the dirt, next the foundation, then the walls, add a roof, and then finish it off with offices and paint.

Together they make a finished product, but to achieve this it took individual components that combine into making the finished product. Like construction materials, not all supplements, I’m guessing here, are a good fit for all individuals nor for their particular circumstances.

I’m fairly new to supplements and have been taking some, but its a random amalgamation of products. I think I understand what each does, BUT without a blueprint I’m unsure how they all fit together, if they are the right combination for my body, and if they’ll help me reach my fitness goals.

At present I take the following daily:
Fish Oil
Vitamin C
Multi-Pak Vitamins

Post Workout
Whey protein 60g

My diet is a paleo type diet with a heavy carb restriction, i don’t eat any carbs outside of produce carbs. I’m doing this specifically to burn fat. I’m '5 11" and weigh 315-320 lbs.

Are there some rudimentary articles about building a supplementation arsenal for the neophyte using Biotest products?

I appreciate any guidance to more information on supplements.

What is the goal here? You shouldn’t be taking anything just for the sake of it. I’m assuming your goal is Fat Loss based on your height, weight, and current low carb lifestyle.

If that’s your goal, no supplement will help with that. Diet and exercise is the way to go obviously.

Having said that, I have a few staples that I use for heath reasons, most of which are bought right off of this site in their Health and Longevity category of supps ( http://www.T-Nation.com/store/categories/48-health-longevity-formulas ):

Supp’s can be used to fill in the gaps nutritionally (taking protein powder to increase total intake), or to address a specific problem (Taking the z12 for sleep for example) … There isnt really a “blueprint” that everyone should start with and follow.

I suppose the closest thing for me to a universal baseline recommendation would be take Flameout, Superfood, Elite Pro Mineral support, and Vit D3 to cover your health bases and then go from there depending on specific needs. Sure you could take almost everything on that page and might live a longer and healthier life, but given that money is an issue for many of us you have to be selective.

Check out the supplement plan in the V-Diet section of the site