Blueberry Plant Yields 4 Pints Every Day

Ok, so I just saw this on tv,

Thoughts? I’m trying to incorporate more blueberries into my diet…would this work? Is there something I’m missing?

interesting. frozen blueberries go great in greek yogurt btw

Whenever I hear an informercial with banjo music in the background, I get skeptical.

From the FAQ:

[quote]How long until the blueberry plants bear fruit?
They will likely bear a light crop this season, a lot more next season and an even heavier crop during the third season and beyond.[/quote]
I’m not a farmer, so I don’t know what a “season” is, but if it’s a full year like I think it is, you’ll have to wait a good amount of time before you harvest anything.


[quote]How tall do they grow and how much overall space do they need to grow?
Plants will grow to six feet high by five feet wide. They can be pruned to a more compact size.

How much sun and water do they need?
They prefer full sun and watering whenever the soil feels dry until they are well-established (usually after a year of growth). Mulching around the plants helps conserve moisture.

When should they be planted?
They can be planted outside after frost danger. Before then, pot them up and keep them indoors in sunny window. However, established plants are hardy and will survive freezing winters. Generally, their ideal climate range is zone 3-8 (areas with as low as minus 40 degrees and as high as 100 degrees fahrenheit).[/quote]

So you can either maintain your blueberries and harvest them starting next season, or you can buy them at a grocery store and save yourself the hassle. I’d say the latter option is better unless you plan on eating a shit ton of blueberries.

In short, Oh God no! Do you not recognize the music and vocal qualities of a TV shyster?

Here is what you need to know:
Blueberry Varieties:
Pruning Blueberries: Pruning Blueberry Bushes in the Home Garden | Ohioline

Once you know what verity is best for your taste and climate, just Google for it and/or buy from a local nursery. Be aware that you won’t get any berries out of a small plant for a few years. But once established, you will get loads, just like the TV shyster said.

Filing this under “Not Worth the Effort.”

What? You mean with my 2 plants for $10 I won’t produce 4 pints of blueberries every day?

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
What? You mean with my 2 plants for $10 I won’t produce 4 pints of blueberries every day?[/quote]

Some guy in an infomercial screamed it on television, so it must be true.

Look into a Shiitake kit instead. They are high in protein and antioxidants and generally speaking a lot easier to care for and find room for than a shrub.

I have a giant wild blue berry patch by my house. The season is short…and they are a bitch to pick in large volumes…aka pints by hand.

I buy around 20lbs every season and seperate into ziploc bags and thrown then in my big ass horizontal freezer…

Lasts me a long time because one week ill forget they are down there, next week i have them just about everyday with my steelcut oats

haha i wouldn’t mind trying this out…but am weary of it…