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Blueberries vs. Red Grape Juice


my post workout shake consists of 500ml (fear teh metric system) red grape juice plus whey. i just read the power foods article and wonder if there is a difference when it comes to antioxidiants and stuff between blueberries and red grapes.


Id opt for REAL whole berries over squished processed grapes. Thats my 2cc.

Just mix it up from day to day. get them both. More then not though so called JUICE is Junk.


If the grapes are concord grapes, they are extremely high in antioxidants (I'm not sure how they compare to blueberries, but they're probably close). Regular red grape juice is still pretty good, but not as good as concord grape juice. Grape juice is also high in natural sugar - which you may consider an advantage in a PWO shake.


Blueberries blow away every fruit in the total antioxidant category. See page 2 of the following link:


And blueberries have excellent clinical results as well:



Blueberries are great.I usually buy organic mixed berries.I get the best of both worlds doing it that way.


Don't know how they compare to grape juice, but in general blue berries are great. My wife buys a bag each of frozen blue berries, rasberries, strawberries, and black berries. Then she mixes them all in a bowl and divides them up into small ZipLock bags to use as single servings for breakfast / snacks.