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Blue State? You Decide!

TAYLOR, Mich. – A 33-year-old mother of five faced charges Sunday after authorities said she offered to let an undercover investigator take pornographic photos of her 7-year-old daughter and have sex with the girl.

The woman, who lives in the Detroit suburb of Taylor, was arrested Friday night after bringing the girl to a hotel in Romulus, near Detroit Metropolitan Airport, where she had agreed to meet the investigator, the Wayne County sheriff’s department said.

The motive, the department said, was to make money by selling the photos. Her name wasn’t being released to avoid identifying the child.

The woman was prepared to offer her daughter “for pornographic photos and anything else that was available if the price was right,” Sheriff Warren Evans said. "She had indicated very clearly that that child would do whatever it was that the person who was going to meet the child wanted to do, and that she would see that the child complied.

“It’s a very, very disgusting case.”

She was arraigned Sunday in Romulus on five charges, including child sexually abusive behavior, illegal use of the Internet for child sexually abusive actions or materials and distribution of child sexually abusive material, Roach said.

A not guilty plea was entered on behalf of the woman, who wasn’t represented by a lawyer at the arraignment, department spokesman John Roach said. She was held in lieu of $1 million bond and a preliminary examination was scheduled for April 12.

If convicted, she could get up 20 years in prison.

One of the charges in the case is a prostitution charge, since the department said she also propositioned the investigator herself. The department said the woman advertised herself online as a prostitute.

Authorities said the woman in Internet chats offered the investigator, who was posing as a photographer when they met online, the opportunity to take photos and discussed being paid in exchange for sex with the child.

When the woman arrived at the hotel, she had her daughter with her, along with several adult sex toys in a duffel bag and different dresses for the girl to wear, the department said.

At the time of the chats, the department said it was investigating the woman on suspicion of distributing child pornography.

The girl and the woman’s four other children, ages 12, 11, 9 and 6, all were in protective custody, Roach said.

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