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Blue Screen of Death

Well, it happened, my computer gave me the blue screen of death, restarted (or maybe I restarted it, Im not sure) and now it prompts me to insert a boot disk when I start the computer.

I tried a quick google search. Most of the pages that come up when you search “blue screen of death” seem to proceed from the assumption that you’re able to reboot your computer. Most of the pages that come up when you search “boot disk” assume that you’re making a boot disk preventatively, or that you have access to another computer with the same OS (i may at work, i have to check, but frankly, even getting a floppy disk to use may be a problem.)

So i dont know how to make a floppy disk - am I completely screwed? I assume that a data recovery agency is an option here if i send my hard drive off. I was in the process of backing things up, but there are files on there I dont want to lose (if I havent already)

Many computers don’t even have floppy drives anymore, so no, you’re not screwed if you can’t make one.

If you can’t make a floppy disk you can make a bootable CD, and tell your BIOS to check for start files first from the CD drive (default is usually floppy drive or hard drive).

Search for boot disc files for your OS, and make either a CD or floppy from those.