Blue or Well Done

Does anyone know if there is a tangible difference in things such as nutrient content or digestability etc between a steak that is cooked blue or a well done one?

If I have a good piece of steak I prefer it blue but will cook a poorer quality steak well done.

I enjoy mine Still breathing or warmed back to the temp it was when it was breathing.

But No I think your fine with it. Just think all the animals that eat it without cooking, humans before advent of Fire etc.

Only thing I would be wary of would be that its from a good source so as to not get some type of food poisoning.

What does cooked “blue” mean? I am assuming that is the same as rare?

You don’t want to undercook the meat, as it can lead to nasty infections like e.choli. But if you ocercook it - it tastes like crap, and I think you cook too many of the nutrients out of it.

I like mine medium-rare to medium.

I believe a steak cooked lightly will retain more enzymes, since heat destroys the natural enzymes in meat and vegetables. Enzymes help you digest food. Also, overcooked meat is higher in carcinogens. I personally prefer to choose high quality cuts and cook them rare. But you will benefit from the protein either way, so just eat it the way you will enjoy it most.

RJ, Blue is less cooked than rare.
Phills comments about how he likes his steaks is a perfect example of a Blue steak. It is the only way that a good cut of beef should be eaten.