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Blue Lips

Today was the end of my first week on CW’s TBT program. Immediately after my last set of hack squats (2nd of 12 heavy), I got dizzier than normal and apparently my lips turned blue. I was totally out of it for about a minute.

Is this normal or did I lift too much? I breathe in with every down, and out with every up. I also control my breathing when doing so, and wear a weight belt. I was lifting 225, my 1RM totally fresh is ~285 for hack’s.

Things happen when you work hard keep it up. LOL dont try but dnt be surprised some day busting blood vessels passing out etc.

again not an aim but things happen dont chase it. If happens a LOT get looked at.

Going back to my first aid training, blue lips is a sign of lack of oxygen.

Make sure you are breathing enough and not just holding your breath when lifting.

Solid, thanks guys. I’ll try and focus more on my breathing and keep trying hard. Hopefully it won’t become a regular occurance.