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Blue Heat and Liniments

I was reading some of Eric Cressey’s recent stuff on shoulder and elbow savers and got me thinking about Blue Heat and other liniments.

How do liniments in general work? I know they’re supposed to help you warm up, but what exactly are they doing to your body to achieve this.



I recently ordered some Blue Heat and Hot Pink. I’ve found that they do help alleviate muscle soreness temporarily. I’m still undecided on how much they help my aching joints. Hot Pink seems a little stronger than Blue Heat. The only down side I’ve found is that the Wint-O-Green smell is pretty intense for a while, but goes away eventually. The stuff is pretty cheap, so pick up a bottle and see what you think.


…If Im not mistaken, that wintergreen smell is supposed to kinda imbue an Ammonia like effect?

I have never used liniments, though I see they are often just as much a staple in gyms as chalk. I never did get the Ammonia thing anyway.