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Blue Dbol Pre-Fight?

i have a muay thai fight in 2 weeks and did a 8 week cycle of deca sust and blue d bol and finished this cycle a couple of weeks ago.
i have around 25 d bol left over and was wondering what the effectiveness of taking say 5-10 just before i head into the ring solely for the aggression, would this work or would i be best to not bother??.

any thoughts from knowledgable people would be great.

I hate to say there could be no value, as you’re in a sport where even a 1% increase in hand speed or reaction speed could make an important difference for you. And I have no way of knowing that such a benefit does not occur.

The androgen-receptor mediated effects of androgen steroids are slow-acting: in other words, if you need the effect Friday night you’d better have stared using by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

But the effect on the nervous system is, contrary to the above, very fast acting. You do get immediate effect.

For this reason methyltestosterone and mibolerone have been used by strength athletes taken very shortly before the effect was desired.

Dianabol has never been a favorite for that so far as I know, and personally it doesn’t SEEM to me to have much in the way of that sort of effect, but again I cannot rule out that there might be a small effect that in competition could make a difference.

Couldn’t hurt, IMO, if drug testing is no issue as obviously it isn’t, given your question. Might do nothing, but might do something small but important for you.

thanks for that very informative, drug testing isnt a worry so ill probably pop em all week , or not depends on my anxiety response