Blue Arimidex?

Hey guys, finally got my whole cycle all in yesterday. I was waiting on the arimidex. I got 25 1mg tabs, or at least I think I did. I’m a little worried, I’ve searched all over the net and every tab I see is white, mine are blue, scored in the middle and I believe (don’t have them with me right now) they have both the female and male sign on them. Does that sound right? This is my first cyc in years and will be doing .5mg eod.

Cycle consists of:

600mg British Dragon Testabol Depot weeks 1-10
30mg ed D-bol Naps weeks 1-7
.5mg arimidex eod

Should I front load the Test? I only have 30ml, so I’m not sure how I should do it, take a week off in the end? Maybe do 1000mg week 1, and 800 week 2, then have 600mg after that? That would only give me 9 total weeks, so I guess I need to know if it is better to front load, or just run the 600mg every week and get 10 weeks at that. Also, should I try to incoporate the extra arimidex some how? Or should I up the dose? Or just keep it for future cyc?

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks?


I would probably opt for the frontload like you mentioned. 9 weeks as opposed to 10 weeks wont make much of a difference, but a frontload will. As for your arimidex, it could be legit. UG labs make orals in all kinds of different sizes and colors with all kinds of wierd stuff stamped on them. However, a fake anti-e is not something you want to have when you get itchy in the nipples though, so post a picture or something, but be certain of what you have. Only take as much arimidex as you need to keep your nipples from itching. Arimidex messes up your cholesterol levels (not in a good way) so excessive use should be avoided. Letrozole is a preferred drug.