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BLS by Mike Matthews

After 2 years of fuckarounditis I decided to pick a program and stick to it. I decided to go with the BLS program 3 days a week (push/pull/legs), also after reading coach Carter’s “what really drives muscle growth” article. I decided I want to gain strength on my big lifts as they pretty much suck. The nutrition advice in the book (BLS) helped me a lot already after a month. I’m starting to see the difference in my body, but mainly the way I feel has improved dramatically.

Now about the training routine. Mike gives 2 options for 3 days a week training. The one is basically push/pull/legs, the other push (without shoulders), pull and legs (with shoulders added). The whole reason I changed to a once a week frequency, was the fact that I always feel underrecoverd and pressing 2-3 times a week hurts my shoulder. I have a SLAP tear which 99% of times doesn’t bother me, unless I overuse my shoulder. Now if I’d go for the ppl routine (regular), the push day would look like this:

Incline BP 3x4-6
Flat BP 3x4-6
OHP 3x4-6
CGBP 3x4-6
Lateral raise 3x8-10

Which is only 6 direct sets for chest. The other option looks like this:

Incline BP 3x4-6
Flat BP 3x4-6
Db press/dips (not really a fan of those bc of my shoulder issue) 3x4-6
CGBP 3x4-6
Face pulls 3x8-10

  • on legs day:
    OHP 2x4-6
    Lateral raise 2x8-10
    Rear delt flye 2x8-10

This is a little more chest volume and more frequency for the shoulders (mainly front delts ‘tho).

Which of both would you advise?