Blown Eye Blood Vessels

Hey guys. This past sunday, I max out in squat and deadlift with all my gear on. And afterwards, both of my eyes were blood shot. This has never happened to me. But then, I have never lifted that much in my life. Has this ever happened to any of ya’ll. Does it happen everytime you go freakin’ heavy? did you have to lay off the iron until the eyes cleared up?

Man, I’m trying to get ready for a full meet on December 1st. I hope this doesn’t mean bad news for me.


lol. welcome to the club dude. it aint a squat unless something pops.

Normal bud!

Are you on HRT or a cycle? Increased estrogen levels can cause one to bruise more easily.

Twice I have lost vision in the right eye, and both episodes occured approximately one hour subsequent to training. First experience was after a leg w/o in late July, and the second experience was after a back w/o in early August. The specific movement causing the loss of vision was heavy squats and heavy deadlifts.

The eye doc found nothing after the first and second episode. Then, a week or so after seeing the eye doc the second time, he sent me to a retina specialist; and this doc sees a lot of blood inside the right eye. Shoots some dye into the arm, waits about twenty seconds, then takes pictures of both eyes every twelve seconds for two minutes. These pictures show the mass of blood in the right eye, but also show that the small vessels have been blown out in both eyes; as both eyes show the dye as a dot at the end of the small blood vessels. Both eyes are ringed in dots from the dye.

The doc wanted to know if I was a diabetic or had high blood pressure; and the answer to both inquiries were negative. Then we discussed lifestyle. And bingo, it was my training. Described the intensity of the first rep in squats and deads, and how it feels you travel into another demension and have to wait for three seconds MOL for the body/head to stabilize before following through with the reps. The doc said this was the point where my blood pressure was going through the roof and the injury occured.

Only allowed to do light cardio right now. It sucks. But, the doc has not told me to take a course in braille, either, which is good. Will know more on November 1st as to when training can resume.