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Blowing Up the Locker Room.....


I was leaving my gym the other night and walked into the locker room to wash my hands on the way out. I am almost ocd about hand washing but thats besides the point. As I reached for a towel, I had to hold my breath to prevent vomiting. I am talking about one of the most repulsive visits to the mens room that I have ever experienced. This isn't a small under-ventilated locker room either. It is an open room with 12 foot ceilings and is treated with all sorts of air fresheners.

How do you even train after a deposit of such? I understand that everyone will quarrel with their bowels every once in a while but this was beyond that. The sad part is that there are people out there who have these issues on a daily basis and can't seem to figure out what's going on. How can you possibly think you are getting all of the possible nutrients to progress if your colon is tossing nukes at you left and right?

I'm sorry but I believe that a significant part of the population spends more time pissing out of their ass than they do training. Talk about inflammation.... I have a very simple theory to combat this. Eat your fresh fruits, vegetables, and fiber in proportion to the rest of your diet.

In other words, If you're eating big to get hyooooge!!...then eat more fresh fruits and vegetagbles in proportion to your increased protein/meat. I don't care how much you eat, If you can't maintain the proper ratios of valuable nutirents then you won't absorb half of it, and you'll end up being Capt. Inflammation that is making a nuclear war zone out of the locker room.

End rant.


Vegetables and fruits ripen and rot in your GI tract. They create methane gas and generally smell aweful on the way out as a result. If your shit doesn't stink horribly then maybe it's you who isn't eating enough fruits, veggies, and legumes.

Shitting is part of life. It's one thing if someone farts on the airplane. Maybe then you can bitch. In the bathroom, that's another story. People don't go there to pick flowers and bake cake.


Let me know when you make your 2nd post.

Actually . . . don't.


x2 SonnabenD


end thread




I get serious gas on planes for some reason, so fuck anyone that wants to complain because I feel sick on a 12 hour flight and my only relief is to let rip. Ha!


Eat shit and die you fucking bowel nazi!


Im with you on that. It's actually the perfect place considering how many other people in the vicinity you can place the blame on.