Blowin Up The Quads This Time

Alright I’ve been working on this new goal of mine for a little while now (to jack my legs up a bit), but I’ll use this as just another motivational tool.

So here was yesterday’s workout:

Sumo deadlifts on a 3" platform
5x10 @ 225
(not the heaviest, but I had never done the movement before)

Lateral jumps
4x10 @ 3feet, 4x10 @ 6inches
(unorthodox I know, but I like to be explosive. I setup one of those aerobics step platforms 3 feet high and do standing lateral jumps back and forth over it, then superset that with lateral hops over a 6" high set with speed and bring my knees up to my chest to hit the abs)

Leg Press (just to burn em out)
2x20 @ 8 plates

this is what i’m starting with …

not bad, whats the rest of your regimen look like? Got definition in legs, really nice base to work with.

Looking forward to reading this. What do you plan on doing for your upper body in the mean time? What type of split are you going to be following?

Here’s this afternoons workout

Superset vertical movements
4 x 10,9,8,7 with 1 plate
(2 second pause stretch at bottom between reps, and pull all the way up to chest)
Standing dumbell press
4 x 8,8,8,7 with 65s

Superset horizonal movements
One arm dumbell rows
3 x 11,10,10 with 80s
Dumbell bench
3 x 11,10,9 with 80s

Upperbody feels rocked.

legs - quad dominant

back squats with board under heels for added depth.
(I’m getting used to this increased range of motion)
5x12 @ 225

leg press (horizontal)
4x12 @ 9 plates

108 total reps, quads are pumped. it’s been a few weeks in the high rep range, which I’ll keep for the rest of the week, but next week I’ll start 5x5 again - but keeping the board under the heels. I want to see how I handle heavy weight with my butt below my calves.

Pipes, Defekt - I’m doing an upper/lower split.
Day 1: quad dominant
Day 2: upper body, horizontal then vertical movements
Day 3: lower body - explosive
Day 4: upper body, vertical then horizonal movements

You can see the exact details and my diet at
username: keith password: gymrat

upper - horizontal then vertical

superset horizontal movements
bench press
4x12,12,11,9 @ 225
seated cable row
4x12,12,12,9 @ 180

superset vertical movements
narrow neutral grip lat pulls
4x10 @ 180
standing dumbell press
4x6,6,6,5 @ 65s

full stretch on extension and grip to the chest on contraction for back exercises. forearms/grip completely shot.

nice day outside - just went for a 3 mile run.

legs - hip dominant

sumo deadlifts
5 x 12 @ 225,225,225,235,235
weight wasn’t to heavy, but i’m still making my way into this movement

5 x 12 @ 145 (4 quarters)
again not a lot of weight, haven’t done them in a while and slightly achey from running yesterday. used quarters to get that extra depth at the bottom.

upper v/h

superset vertical movements
pullups - shoulder width grip
4 x 11,10,10,10 with 1 plate
standing dumbell press
4 x 8,8,8,6 with 65’s

superset horizontal movements
single arm db rows
3 x 10 with 85’s
db bench press
3 x 10 with 85’s

threw in a few supersets of leg curls and standing db curls just for good measure at the end.

everything went well, going heavy next week should be interesting.

legs - quads 5’s

back squats w/ heels on board again.
7 x 5 @ 225,45,65,85,305,315,315

reverse barbell lunges
3 x 18 @ 185 (9 each leg)

3 supersets of extensions/curls

that was the first time squatting heavy with board under my heels. 315 was heavy, but everything felt good.

hmmm. Seems good and will likely work. I know my legs went from average to much larger and stronger when I was on a program where I squatted every day I trained. Really gave me the outer sweep.

I varied between front and back squats but something such as the smolov system could also be done to improve one lift and get some stacks of size from what I hear. A fella that trains at my uni did only the base meso cycle with front squats and his legs ballooned.

but it’s super taxing and you really have to eat like a freak. good luck


chris - good point about the fronts, I think I might start alternating back and fronts weekly.

upper - h/v 5’s

superset horizontal movements
-bench press
5 x 5,5,5,5,4 @ 225,245,255,265,275
-seated cable rows narrow neutral grip
5 x 5,5,5,5,4 @ 220,240,250,260,270

superset vertical movements
-lat pulldowns w/ narrow neutral grip
4 x 5 @ 250,250,250,260
-standing dumbell press
4 x 8,8,8,7 @ 65’s

bench, rows felt dang heavy.
pulldowns were full range and still felt could do more.

cardio - 3 mile run

not sure about my pace, felt like a 8:00 clip.



sumo deads
5 x 5 @ 275,295,315,335,355
1 x 10 @ 315

4 x 10 @ 225 (with quarters and 10’s)

first time doing sumo deads heavy, and first time using straps over 315. could’ve gone heavier, but want to get used to the form at a heavy weight.