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Blowin chunks while you squat...!

Now, I’ve never hurled from squating or deadlifting, but I’ve come damn close quite a few times! Whenever I feel the chunks of carrot or whatever it is (there always seems to be carrot in there…) migrating upwards, I stop training and call it quits. My thinking is that it’s not much fun to chunder at the best of times, and it can’t be too good for me.

But having just read this T-article (http://t-mag.com/html/30howl.html And yes, I squat with the best of them. And no, it’s got nothing to do with takin’ a piss like a girl!), it got me to wondering if I should just keep goin’ with the training, bring up the chunks, swallow them back down (can’t waste the calories, enzymes or bacteria or whatever good stuff might be trying to escape…), stop being such a freakin’ skirt and keep squatting???

Aside from feeling like sh!t, does anyone know of anything negative with regards to hurling and then continuing to squat or deadlift like a mad bastard???

OW-WEE, YOW-WEE, HOMBRE; is your middle name “Intense?” Okay, aside from the fact that I certainly wouldn’t want your carrot/tuna/GROW/trail mix and oatmeal all over ME, I see where ‘ya comin’ from man…

Hurling makes you lose valuble nutrients, many of which haven’t gotten to where they need to be; in your cells, especially your muscles. You need to begin to make that pre-workout meal a longer time before your workout so that its going where it needs to go; in your cells and not splashing all over that cute little thing next to 'ya on the StepMaster…

One last word…“I love 'ya man”…RELAX!!!:)–!

I agree with Mufasa. Personally, I eat my last meal 2 hours before hitting the iron, otherwise it interferes too much with my workout.

The main reason you get nauseous is from lactic acid buildup (also oxygen debt). You might try having an extra minute or two of rest between sets. Forced heavy breathing for maybe 20 seconds–to go into “oxygen surplus”–prior to beginning each set of heavy squats/dl’s can help. Lower rep sets also seem to make me less nauseous.

I would throw up all the time when squating, back when I used a personal trainer. He was harsh! But he made me keep going even after I blew chunks. Then he would make me eat right after my workout for that day, and that was definitley because I lost quite a bit of protein during sqauts. I really hate squats, but they do work wonders.

i find lying on my back for a while helps keep it down,also like the others say whatch what you eat before you work out,and how close.
i vomited for the first time in ages the other day,simply because i was running late and had a meal imediatley before the gym.
at least the sickness shows your workin hard bro!

What exactly is the best timing to eat and then train. I have heard 1.5 hours-2 hours is good. I also heard 1 hour is pretty reasonable. The weight traiing coach in my school had told all the students (those who had weight training right after lunch) that a meal (ex. sandwich, burger) was fine to eat before training. What do u think?
The reason I am asking is because last year when I was in school I used to come home, eat a farily nice meal, and train within 30-45 min. and it never affected me. I was told not to do this ans since I’m not in school anymore I can manage my time better. Did this really hurt my gains in any way?

I don’t think that just eating right before a workout can make you throw up. I eat right before all the time (usually a protein shake) For me it is the other way around. I usually workout at 5am and if I dont have time to cram or slam something down my gullet I will feel week and sick like Im going to spew. Although I never have I think that eating right before isn’t so bad. Prime example is my freind who blew chunks when he got home after an excruciating leg day. He hadn’t even eaten dinner that night! To top it off he thought there was something wrong with him and went to the hospital. After talking to the doctor he did not even want anyone to know but his sister spilled the beans. Now he always eats before workouts.
Fight The Vomit!

DAMN IT!!! Just had to cut short my workout… reason… I was gunna hurl once again…! There seems to be a trend though. Every time I do deadlifts (which are a relatively new exercise for me, unfortunately), I seem to want to chunda. [shrug]

My guess is that as the body’s using more muscle groups, more imtensely, to complete this particular movement that any others movements I’m used to, the waste products are building up more so than usual. Result: projectile vomiting! Then there’s the fact that I may just not be very good/efficient at clearing all the waste products from my system.

Anyone care to comment on my theories?

Oh, and I ate about 150 calories of food about an hour before I trained. I don’t think that’s the problem though.

Mark- Just wondering… do you get nosebleeds often?

Fader - no, never had a problem with it. Don’t recall ever having one at any time when I think about it. Why do you ask?