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Former CIA operative, Michael Sheuer speaks with Lew Rockwell about terrorism and blowback.

Could the US government be causing blowback on purpose to help make excuses for imposing a world-wide "democratic" hegemony?

Could Africa become the "new Middle East for terrorism"?

Will the US go to war with Iran?

At one point he indicated that he thinks that 80% of CIA operatives would agree with Ron Paul's negative assessment of the US government's foreign policy.


Not going to read it. I know what Michael Scheuer thinks and Lew Rockwell is a nutcase.

Could the moon be made of green cheese?

Horn of Africa yes - Ethiopa, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti. The Horn of Africa controls southern access to the Red Sea(and Suez canal) and approaches to and from the Red Sea into the Indian Ocean. From the Somali coastline it is possible to stop shipping between Europe, the US and East Asia by blockading the approaches to the Red Sea. The port of Djibouti and the port of Aden in Yemen across the sea are particularly important. Strategic powers have struggled over the area for centuries and after the decline of the colonial powers the region became an important theatre in the Cold War.

It's a hotbed of ethnic, religious and sectarian conflict and a region of vital strategic importance.

1979 onwards

Amazing that those who pulled off "the CIA coup" are still able to maintain "control (of) everything" with so many Ron Paul supporters amongst them.


Yeah, well, says you.