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Blow up Dolls

I read a caption in Mens Haelth magazine that blow up dolls are: Now More Lifelike than Ever Before. Is this true?

Ask Juity. In fact, he even has some good convos with them. He is the mack when it comes to blow-up dolls.

LOL. Round one to the Scottster.

Real Doll dot com

thats some funny shit. i have an idea though. instead of a doll, why dont you just get some real pussy. it feels like the real thing b/c it is the real thing. plus, it can be hard to get, but hey the t-nation is all about challanges, so its kind of a perfect fit. but hey to each his own i guess.

Anyone for an inflatable “Karma” Doll? Depending on where the filler was well???

Hell no pussy’s not hard to get. That’s probably why I’m not fucking all the time anymore. Girls these days are so dumb and materialistic, I don’t even want to deal with it! If a girl wants me just for my muscles I’d probably just slap her. Unless she was real hot of course. Girls today just don’t give a fuck. They’ll spread you 10 VD’s and not even give a shit! Let it be known, I’m only talking about the majority I run into. There are some good ones out there.

And the misogyny begins.

I haven’t had to look up the definition of a word since Demo Dick went underground. Good one Jared.