Bloomberg/Washington Post Republican Presidential Debate


Perry better have one heckuva performance!

Wouldn’t it be better if Perry actually had a clue.

and queue Regan…


These debates are not about discussing ideas.

They are about building political alliances.

The establishment are pushing a Romney/Cain ticket.

Gingrich will be their speech writer and political advisor.


Santorum just said he wanted to go to war with China?

HH, is that you?!

Santorum just said he wanted to go to war with China?

HH, is that you?![/quote]

Trade war. But I didn’t hear him say he WANTED a trade war, so much as China is already engaged in a trade war.

I heard “war”, but the question was asked within a trade war context. Freudian slip?

[quote]Dijon wrote:
Freudian slip?[/quote]

Maybe undersexed people are more prone to violence.

Herr-mann Cain just dissed the internet when responding to Ron Paul.

Cain initially had some respect with me, but lost it after his Alan Greenspan comment. Fuck him.

I really wish Santorum would get more time. He went somewhere no other candidate went on the issue of poverty, he brought up the intact family…

As for smarts…Gingrich. He’s like the unelectable guy, that all the other candidates should be taking notes from. I wish he’d fight for every second of time he can get to speak.