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Bloody Zercher Sacrifice


(sounds like a horrible band)

I thought some of you might be entertained by this :smiley:


Hastalles uses flaming axe! It's not very effective. :expressionless:

Was planning to do a ridiculous dropset all the way down until death, but to my brutalized (and probably fume-dazed) mind the set was stopped short cause the plates fell off. I was too insane to think that I could actually take a second and put the plates back on the bar and keep going... Therefore, fuck everything and that goddamn bent bar in particular.


Well, we know whats in tonights "Justified" episode.






Lol what the hell did I just see.


That video was thoroughly stupid. I like it.

Fantastic competition. Makes me want to go to the gym and do something idiotic until I spew.




I...er...what did i just see? i still don't quite understand what's up with the flaming axe...


So, is that what happens when you take cocaine right before you lift?


Regular day on the funny farm


How about cleaning up the yard? Looked like a trailer park


How about cleaning up the yard? Looked like a trailer park. Your neighbors must love you bringing their property values down.


I enjoyed that.


I'm so sorry that I offended your clean freak sensibilities. Everything is orderly and in its right place there. Do you see random trash lying around? Old cars left out to rust and no one ever working on them? Piles of junk everywhere?

Mind your own fucking business.

Also, I know some wonderful people who live in trailer parks. Keep your prejudice to yourself.

My nearest neighbor is about a quarter mile away.


Hell yeah! \m/ Film yourself doing it and give me some competition!

I'm disappointed in this set actually, I wanted to do a crazy drop set. So I'm gonna take another shot at this with a squat widowmaker. I wanna WIN!


What were you smoking?


I love the fact you hear chickens in the background.


And you filmed this.... why?


strong avi


I don't know why but I've been wondering what space aliens would think if this was the first transmission they ever got from Earth.