Bloody Sunday

I was watching football last week (both the Pro’s and Division 1); and I began to reflect on two recent experiences I had. Reading Chris’s article “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” with Coach Davies and watching “The Messenger; The Story of Joan of Arc”. Football is sort of short and intense burst of almost “controlled” Medival Warfare; man-to-man, hand-to-hand. At the end of a play, winners and losers. Hard core. No apologies. You HAVE to be tough. That put the Coaches strategies in perspective for me. What initially seemed DAYUM HARSH (like that Nate and Timbo?)seemed more like a Coach giving an athelete what they needed to survive on what really IS a “field of battle” (Couldn’t you guys see Ray Lewis wearing medival battle gear, sword in hand,swinging a spiked ball and chain,and storming a papapet?) Your thoughts?

Good work on the use of “DAYUM” in your post. Now, you just need to work “hella” in there somewhere. Yes, the Coach’s interview was great! I love college football! And I love to see teams fight until the very end. Every time I watch one of Coach Davies teams playing, I tell my friends how well conditioned and fast they are. And I had bet that Clemson was going to win in OT against GT. I was right! They would not give up! And the speed and conditioning did make a huge impact.

I’m also one of those guys that likes to see teams run up the score. That is how you crush an opponent. And I hate when coaches won’t do it! Spurrier pisses me off because he always pusses out in the second half if the Gators are winning by a decent score. I don’t want to see them run it for the second half. I want touchdown after touchdown until they score 50-80 points or more! A relentless pursuit! That’s what football is all about! Kill, kill, kill! Make the other team fear you! I can’t wait until there is more college football this weekend! Woo hoo!

Now you understand why my athletes are prepared to win, why they look at obstacles as simple barriers to be scaled. With every barrier my athletes are prepared for the challenge and are relentless in there pursuit of victory. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies