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Bloody Strange Canadian Accents

I’m not Canadian so hearing this was a bit of a suprise. I thought he was Irish then (UK) west country at first.

Can anyone tell me what is going on with these guys accents???

(video link top right hands side)


Haha, it’s just a normal Newfie accent. The east coast has pretty distinct accents, with Newfoundlanders having the most distinct one. I was actually born in Newfoundland and had a pretty strong accent , but I moved away when I was 6 so it’s pretty much all gone. Some people say that I say certain words a bit different still, and if I’m in the maritimes, the accent usually creeps back too.

Definitely not the easiest accent to understand, especially since they have a lot of common sayings there that make absolutely no sense at all, and then you have no idea what they’re saying.

Yeah, that’s the Newfie accent. It only applies to the east coast. I SWEAR.

BTW-It has a certain homely/folksy charm to it, don’t you think?

I thought that was Dave Barr speaking. :wink:

“What can I say, I have a thing for girls who say Aboot.”

/Chasing Amy

Ok, living in Wisconsin my whole life, people constantly ask me if I’m from Canada when I’m on vacation. D’Oh!

Definitely a maritime accent.

The region was heavily settled by the Irish, the Scottish, and the French. Their accent reflects that fact.

Hell, in some parts they speak this messed up “Franglais” language where they’ll mix French, English, and Gaelic in the same sentence.

It boggles my Albertan mind.

– ElbowStrike

Cheers for clearing that up. I had heard about and island or piece of land sticking out the NE coast that had a Cornish accent. Didn’t know it applied to the N F L!

As I say sounds like a person born in west Ireland, brought up in Cornwall but doing an impersonation of a Canadian imitating a pirate.

Thanks again.

I’m from AB too, and I find those accents really trashy.

heres some more samples of accents from the East Coast

[quote]dre wrote:
“What can I say, I have a thing for girls who say Aboot.”

/Chasing Amy


Me too.

I’m a Maritimer (not a Newfie) and I had a life long speech impediment. After lots of training, it’s been downgraded to a mild Boston accent.

[quote]dennis3k wrote:
heres some more samples of accents from the East Coast


“Cornucopia of Awesomeness”?! I love it!

Only in Cape Breton!

– ElbowStrike