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Bloody Platemates

Instead of spending $45 on just 2 1.25lb magnetic Platemates, I could have just cut a 2.5lb plate in half & duct tape the pieces to the bar or whatever I’d be using them for. Stupid me. If this was a Looney Tunes cartoon, I’d look like a giant lollipop. >:(

Duct tape is a wonderful thing but all my friends laugh at me. But it does work.

What I should have added is you don’t have to ruin a perfectly good 2 1/2 lb plate - you can duct tape any flat piece of steel to a plate. What I’ve also done is go to a heavy equipment parts store or hardware superstore and buy those huge washers that they use on the big bolts of heavy equipment, etc. Most hardware stores have a digital scale to weigh bolts and nails by the pound. Find the size washers that will fit on your bars and then weigh 10 or 12 and divide to get the weight of each. Add as many as needed when wanting to increase poundages by anything less than 2 lbs.

Been there, I think the “acme” anvil hit me on the head.

Or you could have bought adjustable ankle/wrist weights that have 1/2 lb. increments and wrapped them around the bar…

Just thought I’d help you feel better. =)

I just bought 1.25lbs plates and superglued little ceramic magnets on them that I had bought at Home Depot. OK so they don’t weigh exactly 1.25lbs (maybe 1.35lb) but they work great and cost less then five bucks

I know this isn’t a flame, and in theory buying smaller plates is a good thing, a way to add very little weight to the bar, but I remember reading something about smallest perceptable difference.

I hear what you’re saying and agree in most cases that those kind of progressions in poundages seem trivial but I’ve been adding 1/2 to 1 pound of extra weight for years but only when I hit a sticking point where no matter what I just cann’t add a full 2.5 lbs to a dumbell and do any real reps. It’s a great way to creep through sticking points on dumbell movements and keep the progressive resistance going when on a heavy, max, low rep program.

I think for all but those of us in prison, we’d be better off just buying the damn platemates. And to Jay: smallest perceptible difference does not mean the difference you can feel when you lift the weight in your hand. If your body refuses to bench press 5 lbs more and you have hit a plateau, but add a pound a week to the bar and break thru your plateau in five weeks, then blab about perceptible difference.