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Bloody Love Handles


Hi Folks

1st time post... so please be gentle on me.. no cheek or sarcasm.

Need some help - been working out for around 1 year now . Use this web page for almost everything. Workouts, diets learning specific exercise, nutrition. So I am in pretty good shape. My one problem is my love handles... what in gods name is a tried and proven way of losing them????

Feel free to give me any advice.. it would all be more than welcome?


What's your bodyfat%?
Also, take a look at this article.


Lipo man, lipo.


I saw Charles at SWIS this year- beyond the fish oils for insulin sensetivity and visceral adipose storagee, I tried his stack of:
R-ALA 100MG w/ each of 3 meals
CLA 2caps (800 mg) w/ each of 3 meals

Over 6 weeks- all other things equal, it dropped me 1 1/2 - 2 belt notches . .

Funny enough, stress contributors like beer/ caffeine ( chemically) or lack of sleep/ overtraining (physical/ emotional) would bring back the gut extensioon a belt loop in two days . . bah !

So Waterbury's Total Body Training 3x/week as opposed to splits and too frequent training, 1 c of coffe in the morning, beer on the weekend only seems to have done much the trick .

Hope that helps