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Bloodwork ?


After doing some research on t-boosters on the web, I thought it would be interesting to have a bloodtest taken and my test levels measured, so that I could see my natural levels, and how they changed after a 12 week cycle of Alpha Male. I have taken MAG-10, TRIBEX-500 and M in the past in different cycles and combinations and saw a difference, but I was curious of the specifics.

So I called up my doctor to set an appointment for a test. He was completely shocked. He said, that they only do bloodtests like that on women, who have trouble with their menopause and they never tested healthy males.

If I wanted one, it would be complicated and they'd have to set up special arrangements with some doctor at a large hospital. I got the impression that he basicly thought that I was crazy. When I told the reasons and my interest he just said: "Why don't you just eat healthy and get plenty of fruits and vegetables". WTF?!?

I live in Denmark, maybe it's just very rare to have interest in that field here, but I'm still a bit shocked because our level of medical treatment here is known to be top class.

Is asking for bloodworks that special?


95 views and no comments? I guess this must fall into the "who gives a fuck?" category then... sigh