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I just had my annual physical for work which was 3 hours long. Stress test on treadmill with EKG, lung test thing on computer, ears, eyes, bloodpressure, hernia, you name it they do it. Plus urine and bloodwork. Ive done two Superdrol cyces this past year with the last one ending about 6 weeks prior to the blood test. I also quit taking all supplements 3 weeks prior to the test because they harp on that stuff.

There are 3 pages of things, so Im not sure what is most important to try to get feedback from you all on. They have categories of Complete Blood Count, hemoglobin,hemacrit, platelets, Automated Differential, contents of blood, Lipids, and other stuff I dont understand. Ill give out the things they highlighted that were out of range but not to a severe degree:

They said this had to do with liver, but it was isolated as all other liver things were good, "ALT=68H" when normal range is only up to 48. HDL Cholesterol was 52L when it should be greater than 55. Iron was 213H when it should be less than 160. Creatinine was 1.4H when it should be less than 1.2.

Those were the only things they highlighted and told me to have my primary care look into.

Think Im still good? I was planning on HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7 until the bottles run out. Lowering carbs and trying to cut some weight. Then hitting Halodrol for 30 days one a day, taking NAC, Milk Thistle, Hawthorne Berry, CoQ10, Red Yeast Rice, along with a multi I always take and anti oxidants. I also have stockpiled some more Superdrol, Prostanazol, Spike, Alpha Male, Rebound XT. I normally do MRPs or Whey shakes too,along with Endurathon and BCAAs during workouts.

Been on a month hit or miss layoff due to working almost every single day and also trying to buy a house, so my conditioning levels are horrible but strength is still up there.

Blood pressure for years has hovered around 140/85, they say borderline bad each time but not bad enough for meds because Im only 31.

Thanks for any input!


Here you go bro

Cy goes into EVERTHING on the blood test in this.


As for the creatinine you lift and eat a lot of protein its bound to be elevated due to tissue breakdown and rebuilding. Probably not to bad.

The Iron. What the heck are you eating?? Do you have a multi with Iron?? If so drop it as a male you dont want a lot of extra Iron. Consider giving blood.


Thanks Phil! You are the man!


No Iron in any of my supplements....wierd....on most days I tend to start the day with a Cosi tuna sandwich, and end it with a big fat steak later in the evening...other than that Im not sure where I might be getting too much iron, the doctor said men have no where to store it so it goes to organs and isnt good...but I dont have a clue why mine is so high hmmm..

Thanks for the article, helps out...makes me worried about my ALT liver count a bit...


No prob man.

Um few things to look at maybe. A lot of sunflower seeds?? they are high in iron so are many nuts.

Sure the steak give you some but I wouldnt stop eating that. Are your cooking it on a metal grate/steel grill?? Cast iron pan. While cast iron are awesoeme they do pass iron on to you.

Other than that. Hmm Chew tobacco?? They Load that crap with a TON of additives including iron from what I remeber.

Id conmside the blood donation One reason iron is OK/better for wmone is one a month the lose a Nice load of blood we as men unless accident prone dont.

Thats about all I can think of now.



Ouch, I cant lie, I do Skoal long cut....maybe another reason to cut it out, I know its not good for my blood pressure, my lip and gums, and just overall isnt that healthy...


This should be a FAQ it gets asked so often on boards. If you've lifted within 24-48 hours of the bloodwork that can elevate your ALT/AST. Get it rechecked avoiding lifting for say 48 hours.

The high iron may mean nothing (other then as phil says, good idea to give blood to get it down) but you might ask your doc about getting your ferritin and or transferrin checked as there is a genetic disease where people store too much iron called hemochromatosis. Merck manual:


Identifying hemochromatosis based on symptoms may be difficult. However, blood tests to measure the levels of two substances can identify people who should be further evaluated. These substances are ferritin, a protein that stores iron, and the iron in transferrin, the protein that carries iron when it is not inside red blood cells. If these levels are high, genetic testing is usually performed to confirm the diagnosis.


Hey man dont sweat it im 8 month into quitting smoking steps brother.

To add to the great info. above also were you hydrated well. That can lead to screwed up BP be it to high or low from not enough or to much to drink.


I doubt I was hydrated much...this past month I went 3 weeks straight with work things and all kinds of odd hours, two days off that were spent house shopping which wasnt really "days off" trying to find a house in the DC area that isnt in the ghetto on my salary. I had to fast 8 hours before the blood draw and probably drank little water. I cant remember what workout I did but Im sure I was cleaning and squatting a few days prior.

For the NY I have to get back on the wagon with diet, hydration, supplements. Hopefully work will slow down a bit.