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Hi Gang

Had some blood work done recently and got my results back.Everything is top notch exept for elevated creatine values.

Now i have not taken creatine for at least 8 months but the doc says it was very high? I asked him about it and he didnt really give me a proper explination from what could have caused this?
So i ask u guys. :smiley:

Now for u experts out there,what advantages or disadvantages would elevated creatine levels do to me?

Im being very general here,i dont have the exact stats but i was just curious if anyone else has experienced the above.

Thanks again

I know you said you dont have them, but ask the doc for the exact numbers.

Most athletes have elevated creatine and Creatinine levels, even when not on the supplement. Unless your numbers are way out of the norm you dont need to worry about it all too much.

Do you notice any kidney or liver pain?

Are you sure that the test wasn’t for creatinine? This is a common test that helps to evaluate kindey function.

HHH: Hog Ear is right. You most likely had a creatinine test, not a creatine test. And it does matter how high it is, as it is used as a marker for kidney function in laboratory medicine.

Creatinine is a normal waste product of metabolism which is cleared by the kidneys. When there is a build-up of creatinine in the blood, it is usually one of two things: dehydration (which will concentrate everything in your blood) or some inability of the kidneys to clear the waste in a timely manner.

I have my own opinion about doctors who say “this is really high” without qualifying further. You are paying this guy to be able to explain the answer to your health questions, and he can’t even tell you what the creatinine level signifies? There is a big difference between a “really high” for a normal person, and a clinically significant “really high” for someone with a possible kidney malfunction or other underlying disease.

Call that doctor, get the exact number. Have him explain the significance of the impact it has on your health. Chances are (99%), it’s not a big deal at all. If he can’t explain it, tell us the number and I will be happy to explain it for you myself.

It is also important that you note to the doctor if you are on a high-er protein diet.

Normally high protein diets will come back with a higher creatinine level. This is where the myth that high protein -> kidney problems developed.

I made a specific note to my GP that I have a heavy training regimen and high protein diet. This was a quick explanation for high creatinine levels.

This is why some people actualy seek out GPs that have fellowships in Sports Medicine. They are generally more acquainted with blood readings / physicals associated with physically active individuals.

What pissed me off about my bloodwork results were that it was after a fast. I was also recommended that I do not drink water in that time period. So as you may already have guessed- most of my “poor” numbers were most comparable with dehydration. Which made more sense than cancer, kidney disease, and liver failure which is what the numbers also meant. The funny part was when I asked the clinician if my results would have been better if I was told instead to drink water during the fast. His answer, “You were told not to drink water?”

Gotta love these medical professionals. But yes, in most of my experiences creatinine levels are tested in most bloodwork tests.

Dude when they say fast for bloodwork you can drink all the water you want. Just not ingest any food.

[quote]samsmarts wrote:
Dude when they say fast for bloodwork you can drink all the water you want. Just not ingest any food.[/quote]

I always thought so. I’ve never been advised to not drink water. That’s weird.

Thanks for the reply’s guys

I remember now reading of his computer my creatinine was 1.5 .
He said the normal was about 1?
But as u guys said he did say that muscular men and athletes have higher creatinine.
I dont get kidney or liver pain,so thats good.
Also i was told to fast for 12 hours,she said no food or WATER so i found that weird as well.
I have to get another bloodtest in about a month to retest my creatinine levels,so ill let u guys know how that goes.
Oh i take doxycycline by the way,could that have any affect?

Thanks in advance