Do you guys from Canada (Qc even better!) know of (on-line or not) places to get bloodwork done? I’m not sure about the costs also.

My first cycle went great, but (slap on the wrists) neglected to have bloodwork done. I was on a 4wk cycle.

Next time I want to be more prepared, if not for being safe, I’d like the educational value.

So far the only one I know here would be Laboratoires Medical Biron (Montreal)


i would check with and see if they have sponsored labs in your area, you can order all the tests you want from them

nice, thanks for the info

You know What ?
Getting a complete blood test at Biron is too fucking expensive and will limit you to check only the things YOU think needs to be checked.
Find a good doctor in a private clinic , and ask her (or Him ) to prescribe you a complete bloodtest and ask also for the hormones you want to Have checked (if she ask why just tell her your having problems having erections or something like that) then go to the hospital with your ‘‘carte d’assurance maladie’’ and bam youll have a 2000$ bloodtest done for about 100-200$ … i’ve just done it this morning and it took like 2 hours of my time and ill have the results in a week…
Good luck
P.s: You also need a blood test prescribtion at Biron